Horse Racing Handicapping Apps

All horse racing bettors are constantly looking for an easier way to handicap races. One way to accomplish this is horse racing handicapping apps. These apps for computers and mobile devices are able to harness important information about horses trainers and jockeys.

We have put together a short guide to horse racing apps for the handicapper. These are some things you should look for when you are choosing the app that you want to use.

What Are Horse Racing Apps?

These apps come in several different forms. The most common of them are those which draw upon past performances to render projections for horse races. You simply enter in the name of the horse that you are thinking of betting and a wealth of information is displayed. You can get the information on the horse’s most recent finishes, it’s workouts, and even some health information.


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You are probably thinking that this is not much different from the information that you can get from actual past performances as found in the Daily Racing Form and other publications. That’s true, but the information is more portable. Many bettors prefer having access to the information on a phone or tablet as opposed to having it in the actual pages of a newspaper.

Also, digital apps for horse racing betting don’t stop with information on the horses. You can also get the detailed stats of trainers, jockeys, and owners. This information is very useful for discovering angles that might go unnoticed by the average bettor. You can forge connections between trainers and jockeys and horses that are not normally made available.

Many horse racing apps can be used on a computer or on a phone or tablet. Some are exclusively developed for mobile devices.

The Cost of Betting Apps

There are few things that are given away in this world for free. Betting information is often given at a premium because developers know that bettors will pay a handsome price for the information. You can expect to pay something for these apps, but the price can vary.

Some apps will charge a flat fee up front. They may then offer to sell you extra services such as daily betting selections from horse racing tracks. There are other apps that are subscription based. You will pay a monthly fee for these apps. They continually update with the most recent horse racing information.

The cost of apps can range from less than $10 as a flat fee to a subscription price of $50 or more per month. There are also some horse racing handicapping apps that charge according to how many race cards that you bet in the space of a month.

DRF Formulator – The Gold Standard for Horse Handicapping Apps

One of the first apps for betting horses was DRF Formulator. It remains one of the best choices for handicappers of all skill levels, and the pricing is based on how many cards that you want to play every month. Plans start at 5 plans per month for less than $30. We’re not reviewing specific apps in this article but you can get all of the details on the DRF website.

Once you buy the racing cards that you want, you will use your computer, phone, or tablet to access specific data for each horse, trainer, or jockey that you are interested in. You can even set specific parameters and create your own unique handicapping angles. The app uses a database of statistics that is maintained in real time. You are getting the most recent stats when you use the program.

The ability to create angles is one of the most powerful features of horse racing apps. There are also other features that you should look for.

Popular Features of Betting Apps for Horse Racing

Let’s take a look at some of the common features that you can expect to find in a horse racing betting app. Not all apps will have everything you want, but they should have the basic things that every handicapper needs.

Updated racing information is a must. There has to be past performance info on the horses that you want to bet. You will not benefit from handicapping information that is outdated. The most recent races that a horse has competed in are the ones that will give you the most reliable information.

The same can be said for trainer and jockey stats. When it comes to jockeys you may find apps that will provide up-to-date injury information and other stats of importance. Access to this information is why many of these apps are subscription based.

Many players also prefer to use apps that are compatible with mobile devices. There are handicapping apps that are available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can also use them in a browser with your desktop or laptop computer. The advantage of using apps for mobile devices is their portability. You can take your phone or tablet almost anywhere. Some players even take them to the track.

Having the apps on your mobile devices is also convenient if you use a mobile racebook app. You can switch between apps to make your horse racing selections and then bet them at your favorite online racebook.

There are some apps which also provide analysis from horse racing experts. This can be very helpful when you are looking to find information that will support your own conclusions in handicapping.

Horse racing handicapping apps can be a very important addition to your set of tools. Just remember that these tools are no substitute for actual study and doing your own race analysis. If you decide to bet horses online, see our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review, AmWager or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the United States. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere outside the U.S.A! You can play on your computer, phone, or tablet.


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