Evaluate Favorites to Pick Other Horses

EZ Horse Betting is a true science. It rewards those who come up with unique methods to handicap horses. Learning how to evaluate favorites to pick and bet other horses may produce some good winners at long odds. Favorites are the horses which are expected to win a race. They are sometimes vulnerable to defeat. These false favorites can sometimes […] Continue Reading

Jessica Springsteen – Equine Athlete

The name Springsteen is most often associated with legendary rock star Bruce Springsteen. What you may not know is that Bruce has a daughter who has become famous in her own right. Jessica Springsteen is a talented equine athlete. She has won numerous competitions in the equestrian sports, and Jessica has also represented the United States in the Olympic Games. […] Continue Reading

Bob Baffert Suspended

The 2022 running of the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown picture could look very different than it did in the last decade. The most successful horse trainer of the modern era is under a cloud of suspicion for using illegal medications. Bob Baffert trained the last two Triple Crown winners, but he is currently banned from running in the […] Continue Reading

Barstool Online Sportsbook Review

Barstool Sportsbook is one of the younger companies in the online sports betting industry. It is also one of the first six sportsbooks to offer legalized online sports betting in Louisiana and other parts of the United States. The company caters to the younger market with a modern platform and emphasis upon the action that young bettors enjoy. We have […] Continue Reading

FanDuel Online Sportsbook Review

FanDuel has become one of the leading online sports wagering platforms in the United States. In 2022, the company launched one of the very first online sportsbooks in Louisiana. It also serves other states with online sports betting and daily fantasy wagering contests. We have prepared this FanDuel online sportsbook review for residents of Louisiana or other states that are […] Continue Reading

DraftKings Online Sportsbook Review

The arrival of 2022 brought legalized sports betting to Louisiana. The state became the latest to make sports betting available online, and DraftKings was one of the first six companies to receive a license. The company first made its name offering daily fantasy sports contests. It now operates its online sportsbook and even an online casino in multiple states. Here […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Handicapping Apps

All horse racing bettors are constantly looking for an easier way to handicap races. One way to accomplish this is horse racing handicapping apps. These apps for computers and mobile devices are able to harness important information about horses trainers and jockeys. We have put together a short guide to horse racing apps for the handicapper. These are some things […] Continue Reading

Online Sports Betting Goes Live in Louisiana

In late January Louisiana became the most recent US state to legalize online sports betting. Residents of the state can now make online sports wagers with one of six different sportsbooks. More are expected to be added to that number soon. The arrival of sports betting in the Pelican State has many wondering if online casino gambling will be next. […] Continue Reading

Trends in Horse Racing Betting for 2022

Horse racing betting is a type of gambling that brings new trends with each year. What may have worked last year for handicappers could become obsolete. To win consistently you need to know the top 5 trends for horse racing betting in 2022. 1 – Beware Trainers With Medication Issues The sad tale of Bob Baffert and Medina Spirit have […] Continue Reading

Which is Better? Sports Betting or Blackjack?

There are many ways to gamble online. Now, with more states making it legal to gamble online in the US it is common to see online casinos and sportsbooks combined. This prompts a question. Which is better? Sports betting or blackjack? There are advantages to each type of betting. There are also individuals who make a living at both games. […] Continue Reading


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