Bet On Japanese Virtual Horse Racing

Maybe it should come as no surprise that Japan has introduced some forms of virtual horse racing. The country has long been known for the development of video gaming platforms like the Sony Playstation. It also seems that efforts are being made to allow for wagering on virtual horse racing in Japan. In fact, this type of betting has already […] Continue Reading

Maylan Studart Jockey

Horse racing is a sport in which female jockeys are often overlooked. One of the most underrated female jockeys could be Maylan Studart. The Brazilian rider displayed talent on the United States racing circuit before stepping away from horse racing to become a reporter and a financial analyst. Here is a closer look at the story of jockey Maylan Studart. […] Continue Reading

Bourbon & Horse Racing Betting

Bourbon is a type of alcohol that just seems to be associated with horse racing. This is especially true in the United States. Maybe this is because the official drink of the Kentucky Derby is made with bourbon. It is also true that some bourbon brands have sponsored big races. Here is a closer look at bourbon and horse racing […] Continue Reading

Cigars & Horse Racing – Why Horse Bettors Like Cigars

Those who have spent any time around a live race track will tell you that cigars are enjoyed by many horse bettors. You may be making most of your bets at an online racebook, but you can still savor a cigar after a nice winning bet. Here’s a closer look at how cigars relate to horse racing, and how one […] Continue Reading

The Best Online Horse Betting

At EZ Horse Betting we think one of the best choices that you can make is to bet horses online. There are opportunities for you to make bets day and night when you bet with an online racebook. The trick is to find the best online horse betting, and that is where we are able to help. Online racebooks can […] Continue Reading

Who Is The Best Horse Racing Handicapper?

There are many handicappers who make their living betting on horse racing. Some of them also make a nice living selling their racing selections to the public. At EZ Horse Betting we have compiled a list of three famous bettors to help you decide who is the best horse racing handicapper. These are the bettors you want to emulate if […] Continue Reading

How Much Money Do Horse Racers Make?

Have you ever wanted to know how much money horse racers make? By horse racers we mean the owners, horse trainers, and jockeys who make the sport what it is. You might be surprised to find out the earnings for the various professionals that are involved with thoroughbred horse racing can be low. Horse racing is a brutal sport that […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing In Rain & Bad Weather

Horse racing is a sport that is held in all kinds of weather. Horses don’t particularly seem to mind getting wet when they race, so it is common to see many horse races contested in the rain. They can even be ran on horse racing tracks that are so deep in mud that safety becomes a real concern for both […] Continue Reading

Race Tracks In Canada

Canada is a nation with many thoroughbred and standardbred horse race tracks. Of all the tracks in the country there are two which stand out above the rest. Woodbine and Fort Erie are the premier race tracks in Canada. Each of them hosts many important horse races throughout the year. Here is a closer look at both, and we’ll also […] Continue Reading

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