Horse racing sites with bonuses

One of the main attractions of online horse racing betting sites are bonuses offered to players. Free cash for signing up, matching cash on your deposits, free bets and more can be yours. Horse racing sites with bonuses are able to boost your bankroll in a big way when you sign up and deposit real cash.

There are some important things to know about these betting sites. Here are 8 facts about horse racing sites with bonuses that you may not know.

1 โ€“ Most Horse Betting Sites Require a Deposit for Bonuses

If you want to claim the most from horse racing sites with bonuses, be prepared to deposit real money. The best bonuses are of the matching deposit variety. This means that the horse betting site will match the money you deposit into your account up to a certain amount.

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Matching deposit bonuses can be for 50% or even 100%. They are often capped at $1,000. In that case, if you deposit $1,000 to your account the horse betting site will match that deposit either 50% or 100%. This means you could double your first deposit.

Bonus money given in this manner is subject to the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions of the online horse betting site. Be sure to read all the fine print before you make your deposit.

2 โ€“ There Are a Few Sites With No-Deposit Bonuses

There are still a few sites that offer a no-deposit bonus. This is usually a much smaller amount than the matching deposit bonus. It can be as little as $10. The bonus is designed to allow you to try out the online racebook before you decide to play with your own money.

Sometimes this free cash is offered in the form of a free bet. You would have to make a single wager with the money instead of splitting it up on various contests.ย  Obviously, the free money to spend on wagers as you see fit would be better.

3 โ€“ Understanding Wagering Requirements for Bonuses

A hard thing for many players to understand about horse racing sites with bonuses is the wagering requirement. This is a stipulation applied to all bonus money. It requires that you wager the amount of the bonus money a certain number of times before you are allowed to withdraw it to your regular account.

This is generally true: legit horse betting sites have lower wagering requirements. If you see a site that wants you to bet through the bonus money 25 times or more, be cautious. It is plain that the intention here is to never see the player cash out any of that money.

Some legit sites like BetMGM in the United States and even some offshore sites have a 1X requirement. You just need to shop around in order to find the best deals for the player.

4 โ€“ Ongoing Promotions at Horse Racing Sites With Bonuses

It is always great if you can find a site that has ongoing bonuses and promotions. There are some sites which will offer you a matching deposit bonus from time to time after you sign up. These offers are usually based on how much you play.

You can still find some sites that offer players a rebate on their losing wagers. These are becoming few in number, but join one if you can. Losses can add up if you wager often throughout the month. You may be able to get a 10% rebate or more when you play consistently.

5 โ€“ Using Bonuses to Build a Bankroll

Your approach to horse racing sites with bonuses should be very simple. Use the bonus cash to build your own bankroll. That means making smart bets that you have handicapped with all your skill.

Too many players regard free horse betting money as money that can be thrown away. They think that it was given to them for free so losing it is no big deal. They take wild swings at wild bets with wild payoffs. These bets are very difficult to hit.

It is better to apply a conservative approach that will serve you well in growing the bankroll. Remember, when you lose your bankroll in any type of online gambling the game is over. You cannot play without money to stay in the game.

6 โ€“ Bigger Action, Bigger Bonuses

Let’s be honest about this. Horse betting sites are interested in attracting and keeping new players. That is why they give bonuses. The horse players who bet the most are going to be given the largest bonuses. Why is this true? Because those players are making more money for the site.

We’re not saying that you should go out and wager just to attain the status of a whale. Far from it. Always bet within your means. But what you may want to consider is playing with one online horse betting site instead of several.

Limiting your action to one site will increase the amount you are betting there. That may help you to qualify for larger bonuses and promotions.

7 โ€“ Always Maximize a Horse Betting Bonus

One of the best things you can do with these types of bonuses is to maximize them at every opportunity. Try to deposit the max if you can when an offer comes up. You get a larger reward in return for doing so.

You could save up the money that you plan to deposit and wait until you have a larger amount. Just remember that it is a bad practice to deposit more than you can afford just because you want to claim a big bonus. There is no guarantee that you will win with the bonus money as you try to satisfy the wagering requirement.

8 โ€“ Online Horse Betting Sites Compete

Don’t be afraid to shop around when you are looking for the best horse racing sites with bonuses. These sites need to compete with one another so that they can stay in business. The main way they compete is through bonuses and promotions.

We have recommended and reviewed a few online horse betting sites that have a reputation for good bonuses. You can play with your computer or mobile device right from the comfort of home when you sign up today.

Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review, Busr, BetUS,ย  1stbet, or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere.


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