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There are those who like EZ Horse Betting and only play occasionally at their favorite online racebook. There are also others who want to take their horse betting to the next level. For these players we have prepared some information on additional strategies that might be profitable. Here is a look at horse racing gambling advanced for the serious player.


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What is Advanced Horse Racing Gambling?

We have many readers who are familiar with the basics of handicapping race horses. They know how to evaluate the four basic factors which are speed, pace, class, and form. Some of them post a very good win rate by using these basic strategies. To take horse racing profits at an online horse betting site to the moon it becomes necessary to think outside of the box.

Successful horse gambling is a game of information. It demands attention to detail and intuitive thought. The big bettors are always looking to improve and expand their sources of information. They may turn to advanced past performances and analysis, race replays, or even professional horse betting tipsters to get the information they need to win.

Without an advanced approach to horse race betting you will eventually be left behind. When speed figures first emerged as a handicapping tool they were very powerful because few people hand them. Today they are not as effective because the information is in the hands of anyone that purchases a Daily Racing Form. The evolution of horse race betting information means that better information is needed to stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s take a look at some of the current trends in horse racing handicapping methods that are gaining popularity.

Computer Horse Racing Analysis

A very big edge right now is being achieved by high-tech computer handicappers. It has actually been around for several years but is just now getting mainstream attention. A recent article in Bloomberg magazine describes how one Hong Kong bettor made over $1 Billion in horse betting profits by creating a sophisticated computer program.

Bill Benter made so much money betting Hong Kong horse races that he once refused to cash a $13 million winning ticket! This was done thanks to Benter’s development of computerized race horse analysis. He claims to have made over $1 Billion in his career and is still betting today. He has donated millions to charitable causes.

Benter is obviously protective of his computer software. What he will tell the world is that his computer algorithms analyze multiple factors and how they affect the outcome of a horse race. What Benter found is that some factors are more important than others. By focusing on those factors he was able to identify scenarios where horses had a much better chance to win than their rivals.

Now, you may not be able to write your own horse racing betting software. What you can do is utilize programs like Formulator by the Daily Racing Form. This browser-based software platform allows you to customize the data that you want to analyze, and it is able to draw upon years and years of data sets to make predictions.

Trainer and Jockey Patterns

One of the foremost handicapping methods in use today is the consideration of trainer and jockey patterns. Some handicappers have discovered that they can find angles in these patterns that can be exploited at the race track.

Horse racing is a very unique betting game in that it involves both a human and an animal element. It isn’t just about the horses that race around the track. It is also about the people who train and ride them. These humans have their own strengths and weaknesses that must be considered. Specifically, trainers are prone to stick with what works and repeat previous successes.

Here is an example. A horse trainer at Louisiana Downs once told a member of the EZ Horse Betting staff that betting on their horses early in the race meet was a bad idea. “I’m not trying to win in the first month of the meet,” the trainer said. “I am prepping my horses for better races as the meet goes on.”

A careful analysis of this successful trainer revealed that he was speaking the truth. In the first month of the race meeting his win stats would be very low. By the middle of the meet they were improving, and by meets end he would be one of the top five trainers on the circuit. This information could have made bettors a lot of money.

Here is another example from a horse racing trainer that we are willing to name. Wesley Ward is a former horse racing jockey who now trains horses for a living. Ward is a frequent presence at race tracks in Kentucky and New York. You won’t find many horses trained by Wesley Ward competing in the Kentucky Derby, but what you will find is interesting. Ward is exceptional when it comes to racing two-year-old horses.

For whatever reason he specializes in juvenile racing at very short distances. At some horse racing meets in the past is has been possible to make a flat bet profit just by betting the juveniles trained by Ward.

There is much to be gained by studying these patterns. It is a key principle in advanced horse racing gambling.

Horse Racing Trips

Another advanced handicapping technique is studying trips. Trips refers to the way a horse traveled in a recent race. For example, the horse may have had his progress impeded by a bad ride or by another horse. The results on a horse like this may be clouded by the trip the horse had in the race.

The way that trips are analyzed is through watching race replays. You might not know it but you can get access to an entire library of race replays when you sign up at an online racebook. Many of them will give you replays and past performances for free just for creating an account and making wagers. This is information that can set you apart from the betting public.

Andrew Beyer stated in one of his early books that trips was going to be the next big profitable angle in horse racing. Knowing how a horse’s recent performance was compromised or flattered by a trip can put you on some big longshots. Big longshots are what separate the experts from the beginners.

Superior Money Management

Horse racing gambling in an advanced way means superior money management. There is an old saying on the race track. “I don’t own horses. I just lease them for two minutes.” This reflects the attitude that you need to have about ROI, return on investment.

The wise investor looks to maximize ROI whenever possible. It is the same with horse racing. You need to be betting a small amount to win a lot, not the other way around. Treat your race horse bets like an investment. You are putting money in the market and looking for a return. Smart investors know how to manage their capital reserves.

Smart money management at the race track means not betting too much. It means having an adequate bankroll. It means knowing when to walk away, and it means knowing when to get your money in when you have the biggest advantage. These are hallmarks of an advanced bettor.

A mistake that many new handicappers make is betting without a decent bankroll. If you are completely new to the racing experience, think of your progression as a pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid, the foundation, is knowledge. The next level is betting capital. You should spend time increasing your knowledge of the game and building your bankroll before you begin betting.

Advanced horse racing gambling is something you can master when you apply yourself and make good decisions. Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

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