The Win And You’re In System for the Breeders’ Cup

Each year the Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred Championships determine the best horses in many different classes. Of the thousands of race horses that compete each year at tracks all over the world, just a little over 100 will make it into the starting gates of the Breeders’ Cup. How are these horses chosen? The Win and You’re In system was […] Continue Reading

Strategies For Pick 4 Betting

The Pick 4 is a horse racing bet that can pay healthy rewards. It is also a bet that can be affordable when you use these top 5 Pick 4 betting strategies. It is possible to play the Pick 4 at horse racing tracks throughout the world when you have an account with an online racebook. About the Pick 4 […] Continue Reading

The Best Online Horse Betting

At EZ Horse Betting we think one of the best choices that you can make is to bet horses online. There are opportunities for you to make bets day and night when you bet with an online racebook. The trick is to find the best online horse betting, and that is where we are able to help. Online racebooks can […] Continue Reading

How to become a Handicapper

At EZHorseBetting we are often asked how one goes about becoming a handicapper of horse racing. Learning how to become a handicapper involves many elements. You can learn the basics in a short time, but mastering the art takes patience. If you want to become a successful handicapper, here are the first steps that you need to take. Be a […] Continue Reading

What Are Mandatory Payouts In Horse Racing?

If you are someone who regularly bets at an online racebook you have probably encountered the term mandatory payout. This situation occurs whenever a horse racing track is about to close their meet and must disperse all remaining funds in a racing pool. A mandatory payout in horse racing only applies to racing bets which have a carryover. The Definition […] Continue Reading

The Breeders’ Cup Fix Six Scandal

The question of race fixing is one that will also loom over the head of professional horse racing. Some people can simply not shake the idea that the outcome of horse races are predetermined. It is hard to argue with that idea when you have incidents like the Breeders’ Cup Fix Six. The Breeders’ Cup Fix Six was an attempt […] Continue Reading

Top Five Reasons People Lose Money Betting On Horses

Betting on horses is a tough game for anyone. This includes the professional handicappers that do it forΒ  living. The recreational bettor who makes a few bets a month at an online racebook also has to be smart to avoid losses. EZ Horse Betting has identified some common flaws among horse bettors that can dent the betting bankroll. Here are […] Continue Reading

Betting On Horses Like A Professional Gambler

Those who win the most money are those who become good at betting on horses like a professional gambler. You don’t have to be a full-time gambler to have the right mindset for betting. You can just use the same methods these handicappers use to increase your profits at an online racebook. Here is a closer look at what the […] Continue Reading

Mastering The Fundamentals Of Handicapping

The person who wants to be successful betting on horse racing has a large mountain to climb. The mountain is not an obstacle that cannot be overcome, but doing so requires the bettor to master the fundamentals of handicapping. Knowledge of the basic principles are important to everyone that bets at an online racebook or at a live race track. […] Continue Reading

Is Horse Racing Profitable?

Horse racing generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. It stands to reason that someone is profiting from all of that money. EZ Horse Betting is often asked, β€œIs horse racing profitable?” The answer is yes, but for some more than others. Here’s a closer look at the different groups of people who make money at the race track. […] Continue Reading

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