Evaluate Favorites to Pick Other Horses

EZ Horse Betting is a true science. It rewards those who come up with unique methods to handicap horses. Learning how to evaluate favorites to pick and bet other horses may produce some good winners at long odds. Favorites are the horses which are expected to win a race. They are sometimes vulnerable to defeat. These false favorites can sometimes […] Continue Reading

8 Easy Ways to Win at Horse Racing

In life there is always an easy way and a hard way. It is no different in horse racing betting. At EZ Horse Betting we are all about making easy money at the race track with an online racebook. Here are 8 very easy ways that you can win betting horses online. 1 – Only Bet What You Can Afford […] Continue Reading

Using History in Horse Racing to Pick Winners

If there is one thing handicappers know it is the importance of history in horse racing. What has happened in the past can be a reliable indicator of what is likely to happen in the future. You can use history in horse racing to pick winners. Here’s a look at how. The Most Reliable Handicapping Tool The most reliable handicapping […] Continue Reading

10 Ways to Make Smarter Horse Racing Bets

Horse racing betting is a game that favors the intelligent player. There are ways that you can start making smarter horse racing bets when you use an online racebook. Smarter bets means that you will have a better chance of coming out ahead. Here are 10 horse betting rules for smarter wagering. 1 – Always Be Prepared There is simply […] Continue Reading

Tools for Informed Handicapping

Handicapping race horses is an exercise that requires access to certain tools. There are specific tools that have been used successfully by horse bettors for many years. We have put together a list of the ones you might want to consider as you bet horses at an online racebook. Here are 8 tools for informed handicapping. Speed Figures There are […] Continue Reading

How Do I Become a Better Horse Handicapper

Many of the emails that we receive at EZ Horse Betting are concerned with improving handicapping skills. How do I become a better handicapper? This is what many people want to know. We have assembled 10 tips that can help you improve your ability to pick winners at an online racebook. Later, take a look at other horse handicapping topics […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Probabilities

There will come a time in your handicapping of horse races that you will need to evolve and advance your knowledge. One way that you can do this is by learning more about horse racing probabilities. What things tend to happen more than others in horse racing? The answers to this question can help you win more money at your […] Continue Reading

What is laying horses?

Horse racing betting is a sport that offers an almost infinite variety of bets. In almost every case handicappers are choosing horses to win. There are also a few betting platforms which allow laying horses. What is laying horses? It is essentially betting on horses to lose. Okay, laying horses is a little more complicated than that. Here’s a look […] Continue Reading

The Win And You’re In System for the Breeders’ Cup

Each year the Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred Championships determine the best horses in many different classes. Of the thousands of race horses that compete each year at tracks all over the world, just a little over 100 will make it into the starting gates of the Breeders’ Cup. How are these horses chosen? The Win and You’re In system was […] Continue Reading

Strategies For Pick 4 Betting

The Pick 4 is a horse racing bet that can pay healthy rewards. It is also a bet that can be affordable when you use these top 5 Pick 4 betting strategies. It is possible to play the Pick 4 at horse racing tracks throughout the world when you have an account with an online racebook. About the Pick 4 […] Continue Reading


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