Treeless saddle

In horse racing a variety of equipment is used to manage the operation of thoroughbred animals. The saddle is an important piece of equipment. It is different than the saddle that you are probably used to. A jockey saddle could be considered as a type of treeless saddle. Let’s look closer at these items which allow individuals to sit a […] Continue Reading

What Equipment is Used in Horse Racing?

There are many EZ Horse Betting readers who write to us asking about what equipment is used in horse racing. There are several different types, and some of them can have an impact on your handicapping decisions. We’ve put together a quick look at horse racing equipment that is used by jockeys, trainers, and even the horses that compete in […] Continue Reading

Top Gifts for Horse Racing Fans & Bettors

Do you have friends or family that love horse racing and horse racing betting? Maybe you are also a fan. There are some great gift ideas for the handicapper in your life. We’ve put together a list of the top gifts for horse racing fans and bettors. You can find most of these at major online retailers, and a few […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Hats

Each year at the Kentucky Derby and many other prestigious horse racing events, many fans like to wear horse racing hats. Both men and women have donned elegant, expensive hats for a day at the races. Horse racing hats for women have even become a spectacle of their own. There are specialty hat designers in Kentucky who charge thousands of […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Cigarette Cards

You are probably familiar with baseball trading cards. What you may not know is that horse racing trading cards, also known as horse racing cigarette cards, are very popular. A quick search of eBay and other online auction sites will reveal that there is quite a market for these cards, especially in the UK. Horse racing tobacco cards have also […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Board Games

Many fans of horse racing betting cannot get enough of the sport. They also enjoy horse racing board games. These games thrill the imagination with sensations of a live horse race. In some of the games you can even make pretend wagers on the horses that you think will win the contests. If you want to see our free horse […] Continue Reading

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