Horse Racing Board Games

Many fans of horse racing betting cannot get enough of the sport. They also enjoy horse racing board games. These games thrill the imagination with sensations of a live horse race. In some of the games you can even make pretend wagers on the horses that you think will win the contests. If you want to see our free horse racing game click here.

Here’s a closer look at horse racing betting games that you can add to your next family game night.

About Board Games for Horse Racing

The most popular horse racing games today all operate on the same basic principle. Players compete with one another to get their horse across the finish line first. Dice are often used to determine how many spaces a player is allowed to move on each turn.

The actual board that is used in the game can look like a horse racing track. Pieces are used to represent each player’s position on the track. These pieces are often styled to look like a race horse and rider.

Some horse racing board games also include play money that is used for players to make wagers between one another. In this type of game the player that earns the most money by the end of the game is usually declared the winner.

There is not much strategy involved when playing horse racing board games. The games have a random nature to them because the dice are used to determine movement. All in all, these games can be a very fun way to pass a few hours if you are a horse racing fan.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular horse racing board games that you can find for sale online such as Across The Board Horseracing Gametop, Maple.

Winner’s Circle

This board game is similar in some aspects to a role-playing game. There are seven horses to choose from. Players begin by choosing a horse and making a secret wager on which horse they believe will win the race.

The game can be played in less than an hour, and there is an element of strategy involved. All the spaces on the board can only be occupied by one player/horse. This means that players have to use racing tactics, similar to the positional tactics that jockeys are required to use in real horse racing. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Win, Place & Show

This is one of the oldest horse racing board games. It has been around since 1966, and it can still be purchased online today. It is a standard type of game in which players choose a horse and allow dice rolls to determine the outcome of the events.

Players can use lane changes and other tactics to try and block the progress of their rivals. This lends the game a type of realism that other horse racing games do not have. Bets can be made on horses for added fun. This is a game that the entire family is able to play and enjoy. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Long Shot

This horse racing game was developed by Chris Handy. It is a game that begins with players choosing one of ten horses. All of the horses have a special ability, one that sets them apart from the rest of the field.

In real horse racing the abilities of individual horses also come into play, so this is a game that handicappers and horse racing bettors will love. It is a game that forces you to think about the horses and which one you will choose to back for the win.

Other Types of Horse Racing Games

If board games are not really your thing, there are other types of horse racing games that you may want to explore. These are really beyond the scope of this discussion, but we will give them a brief mention.

Mobile horse racing games are available for the Android and iOS platforms. You can download them to your device and play anywhere. These games offer the thrill of betting on live racing without having to risk any money.

There are also horse racing games that can be played on popular gaming consoles like the Playstation or Xbox. In these games you get to try your skill at being a professional horse racing jockey.

How to Win at Horse Racing Board Games

Just like any board game that you may play at home, most of these games based on horse racing involve some type of strategy. The best games are those which combine factors of luck and skill. Some games are a true intellectual challenge. Only try these if you are up to the task of studying which horses are likely to win.


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Before you choose which horse you want to use in the game, pay attention to any special abilities that it may have. Are you playing a race that is ran in the rain? If so, choose a horse that has proven itself on a wet track. In long races, choose horses that come from the back of the pack. Select fast horses that run early if the race you are in is short.

If betting is involved in the game then you will need to have a betting strategy. You may need to take into consideration the bets that are being made by the other players. This is especially true if the game that you have chosen involves more than one race.

The random nature of the dice rolls is something that you will not be able to do anything about. What is nice is that having a random aspect to the game can serve to make it more realistic. There is a random aspect of horse racing that bettors often refer to as racing luck. Many a smart handicapper has been undone by racing luck when they think they have bet on a sure thing.

Betting Real Money on Horse Racing Games

Is it possible to bet real money on horse racing games? The answer is yes. You could easily turn one of these games into a betting event among your family and friends. What we would caution is that betting has a way of turning a friendly board game into a contentious affair.

If you want to bet it is best to stick with an online racebook. You can bet on many different race tracks right from the comfort of your own home when you use one of the online racebooks that we recommend. All you need is a computer, phone, or tablet.

Check out Amwager for a start. They specialize in United States horse racing betting, and most US players are accepted. There are also other options for players that might be located overseas. Don’t forget to claim any bonus offers that you may be entitled to when you sign up.



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