Top Gifts for Horse Racing Fans & Bettors

Do you have friends or family that love horse racing and horse racing betting? Maybe you are also a fan. There are some great gift ideas for the handicapper in your life. We’ve put together a list of the top gifts for horse racing fans and bettors. You can find most of these at major online retailers, and a few others are available from the big names in horse racing like the Daily Racing Form.

About Horse Racing Gifts

A horse racing gift can be a unique present for someone you care about. These gifts make for a wonderful surprise because few people expect a shirt or hat from their favorite race track or a subscription for past performances. Your gift will stand out as something the recipient will remember.

A gift inspired by horse racing can also have value for the bettor. Things like past performances or race replays can be expensive. When you gift someone these things you are helping them save money on the horse racing tools that they use on a regular basis.

Without any further explanation here are our top horse racing gift suggestions.

Top 5 Horse Racing Gifts

MoneyLine Sports Betting Notebook

Ever horse racing bettor should learn how to keep good records. This elegant notebook from Moleskine was designed to help sports bettors record their wagers, but it also works for horse racing bettors. There are fields to enter how much you wagered, the odds you received, and more. The great thing about a book like this is that it allows the bettor to go back and look at their horse betting progress. Plus, you are getting the legendary Moleskine quality.

Derby Day Horse Racing Game

We have also reviewed other horse racing board games here at EZ Horse Betting that you may want to consider. This is one of the most popular. It brings the thrill of live horse racing right into the living room so that everyone can enjoy. Bet on your favorite horse and cheer it to victory. You can even make imaginary bets.

Horse Racing Tie for Men

Every horse bettor wants to look nice when they head out to the race track. A tie like this one shows everybody that you love the game of horse racing. Most ties of this variety are made of silk and will last for many years when properly cared for. Pair this with a hat for the ultimate horse racing betting style.

The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told

If you like to read about the sport of horse racing and all of its colorful characters, you will enjoy this book about the Kentucky Derby, three gamblers, and the Mexican cartel. It is filled suspense and action as the author describes the attempt to pull off a massive betting scandal.

A Daily Racing Form Subscription

Since 1854 the Daily Racing Form has been the leading horse racing newspaper in the world. This daily paper is sold at live racetracks, but you can also purchase subscriptions online. The hallmark of the Daily Racing Form are its past performances. These are the most valuable handicapping tools that are used by bettors to pick winning horses.

Miscellaneous Horse Racing Gift Suggestions

In addition to the above gifts, you also might want to consider some of these ideas. These are general horse racing gifts that you can find in many different places.

  • A hat or shirt from the bettor’s favorite horse racing track
  • A gift card to a nice restaurant to enjoy after a day at the horse races
  • A fancy cigar or a bottle of whiskey
  • Cash to use for betting at an online racebook

When it comes to gifts for bettors, you really can’t go wrong with the last one on the list. Money is good in a wide variety of situations.

Last Minute Horse Racing Gifts

Most of us have been in the situation where we are trying to assemble gifts at the last minute. If you need something for the horse racing fan in your life that is quick and easy, try these:

  • Handicapping tools such as pens, pencils, notepads, and a calculator
  • A gift basket with snacks for watching the horse races online
  • Binoculars for use at the live horse racing track

The Greatest Horse Racing Gift of All

If you have a budget and are able to spare no expense on the horse racing gift that you would like to get, there is one Holy Grail you should consider. This would be a ticket package to watch the Kentucky Derby in person on the first Saturday in May.

All horse racing fans dream of going to the Kentucky Derby in person. Be aware that this horse racing gift will be expensive. It can cost thousands of dollars for tickets alone. You will also have to consider how the person will get to and from the races, accommodations, and other expenses. You can either go big and pay for it all, or you can just provide the tickets.

The cost of the tickets will depend upon where you want to sit at the event. Tickets in the grandstand section are going to cost far less than the tickets in the clubhouse. You can try ticket providers and ticket resale shops online to search for the best deals.

With all this talk about horse racing gifts, don’t forget to recommend an online racebook to your friends and family. This recommendation can also be a gift because some online racebooks offer free bets and other bonuses to new players. We suggest that you check out Amwager for the best deal.



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