Maylan Studart Jockey

Maylan Studart Jockey Horse racing is a sport in which female jockeys are often overlooked. One of the most underrated female jockeys could be Maylan Studart. The Brazilian rider displayed talent on the United States racing circuit before stepping away from horse racing to become a reporter and a financial analyst. Here is a closer look at the story of jockey Maylan Studart.

From Horse Racing in Brazil to Belmont Park

Maylan Studart was born in Brazil. She came to the United States for the first time at the age of 7 where her family took up residence in California. The experience would have a lasting impact on Studart, but it was short-lived. After the death of her step-father the family returned to Brazil. Young Maylan had become used to living in the US, and returning to her home country is something she described as a culture shock.

Feeling out of place, Maylan took up an interest in horse racing. There is live horse racing in Brazil, but Maylan notes that it has been on a steady decline in recent years. By the time she was able to begin riding horses as an apprentice, the opportunities for all riders were becoming smaller. This was especially true for a female in a jockey colony that was completely made up of males.


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In Brazil it is important for jockeys to become a part of the jockey school where they can learn how to ride. The apprentice jockeys are expected to live at the school while they learn their craft. The problem is that the jockey school never expected to have a female in its ranks. Maylan could not attend the school because there were no accommodations for her.

Instead, she had to make her own way. Over time Studart was given the opportunity to ride in some races. She was never given the opportunity to ride the most talented horses, and her career in Brazil failed to take off.

Maylan eventually decided to return to the United States where she could attempt to begin riding on the New York circuit. This competitive arena is home to one of the most talented jockey colonies in the world. Maylan found herself once again with limited riding opportunities, but she made the most of the ones that she was given.

Unfortunately, getting a foothold in the industry proved difficult. Eventually, Studart decided to pursue other avenues that might allow her to remain connected to the horse racing industry.

Maylan Studart Becomes a Horse Racing Reporter and Financial Analyst

Using her intellect and gift for speaking, Maylan chose to become a reporter. For a time she was an NYRA analyst, providing insight into the horse racing on the New York circuit. Her former time as a jockey gave Maylan some expertise that other reporters lack.

Her knack for reporting soon led to Maylan being noticed by local news outlets. Interest was expressed in having the former jockey perform reporting for the regular news, and she accepted. To date, Maylan has worked for some popular news affiliates, and her work can be found online.

Reporting also seems to have been a temporary move for this young rider. She is now described as a financial analyst on her social media platforms.

Will Female Jockey Maylan Studart Return to Horse Racing?

Maylan has indicated in some interviews that she may eventually make a stab at racing again. She has specifically mentioned wanting to give the Florida circuit a try. There don’t seem to be many females on the circuit, but Florida may provide more riding opportunities than New York or California.

Here at EZ Horse Betting we would love to see Maylan Studart ride again. She clearly has a love for the horse racing business, proclaiming once that it would always be a part of her life. She also seems to have the work ethic that would make her a good choice for race horse trainers.

Sadly, women are not treated the same as their male counterparts in horse racing. They are forced to ride lower quality horses, meaning that that win less often. With fewer wins, trainers are hesitant to ride the female jockeys on their horses. It is a vicious cycle, and many times jockeys like Maylan Studart are the ones that are forced to pay the price.

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