Horse Racing Winning Photos

There is a long-standing tradition in horse racing. After the race, the winner is guided into the Winner’s Circle where horse racing winning photos are taken. The truth is that this is not the first photo taken of the race winner. The first one happens immediately as the horse crosses the finish line. Here is a little bit more about the photo that all race horse owners and trainers want to get.

The Ceremony of Horse Racing Winning Photos

In horse racing around the world there is a certain ceremony that takes place after each race. This ceremony varies little from track to track. It goes something like this.

Once the race is over the horses gallop out past the wire to reduce their speed. As this happens the owners of the winning horse and their close friends who have been invited to join the ceremony proceed to the Winner’s Circle. They await the arrival of the winning horse while the track announcer broadcasts the winning time and pedigree of the winner.


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The horse eventually returns to the area near the Winner’s Circle where it is led by a groom to the waiting owners and trainer. These individuals pose together with the jockey still in the saddle as a photo is taken. Sometimes a trophy may be awarded depending on the type of race.

What Happens After the Picture?

After the horse racing winning photos are snapped, the horse is led back to its stall on the race track. It will be cared for by a groom and given a good meal. The owner can then go to the office of the track photographer where they are allowed to pick up a copy of the winning photo.

Most race tracks will provide a single copy of the photo to the owner, trainer, and jockey. Other race tracks will charge for additional photos. In the photo there is the picture of the horse in the Winner’s Circle as we described. At the top of the photo there is also a picture of the horse crossing the finish line. The winning photograph is actually two photos in one.

There may be cases where the photo includes a line or two of text. It may announce that the victory was the first for the horse, jockey, trainer, or owner. It may also reference that the win happened in a special stakes race. The photos are generally in the 8”X10” side, ready for framing by those who receive them.

The Importance of a Winning Photo in Horse Racing

For most people, getting a winning photo is a matter of pride. It stands as a record of accomplishment for the persons involved with the training of a horse. These photos can also become a sort of resume for a trainer. This is even true for a groom who may choose to collect photos of the horses in his care. These can be shown as documentation that the groom is well-versed in caring or horses.

The owner who has multiple horses over the years can look back and see the success of a stable. In the office of many race horse owners you will see photos from past wins. The same can be said for trainers that have amassed many wins over the course of their careers.

There is also something about horse racing winning photos that speak of the elegance of the sport. It gives the sport and those who succeed at it the accolades which they deserve.

Track Photographers

Each race track usually has a track photographer in residence. This photographer will usually have an office on the track. The photos today are taken and produced with digital means. This is what allows them to be ready within minutes of the completion of the race.

The photography that happens on the track is not only for the purposes of showing off a win. Each track also has a camera installed at the finish line. This camera is automatically activated when a horse crosses the line and a picture is snapped. Sometimes, this photo comes into play in the determination of a horse that wins the race.

A photo finish is used to provide visual confirmation of which horse crossed the finish line first. This can come into play when the human eyes of the placing judges are not sufficient to identify which horse has won. These types of photos are what also create the designation of winning by a nose or a neck. If we did not have them in horse racing, the results of races could possibly be flawed.

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