Remembering Stefano Cherchi: Celebrating a Talented Jockey’s Legacy

The racing world is in mourning following the tragic passing of Italian jockey Stefano Cherchi at the age of 23, as a result of injuries sustained in a race fall at Canberra last month. Cherchi, who had achieved remarkable success with over 100 winners in the United Kingdom, leaves behind a legacy of talent, dedication, and passion for the sport. […] Continue Reading

Death of Jockey Megan Taylor at Ashburton Raceway

It is with great sadness that we report the death of horse jockey Megan Taylor. Ms. Taylor lost her life in a horse racing accident on December 15, 2022. Megan Taylor was considered to be one of the most talented apprentice riders on the New Zealand horse racing circuit. We extend our sincere condolences to her family. Tragic Accident Reminds […] Continue Reading

Death of Jockey Avery Whisman

One of the most promising young jockeys on the American horse racing scene has died. Avery Whisman of Kentucky died at the young age of 23 on January 11, 2023. Whisman’s family announced his passing on social media accounts, blaming the “physical and mental demands” jockeys must endure. At EZ Horse Betting we extend our condolences to the family of […] Continue Reading

Maylan Studart Jockey

Horse racing is a sport in which female jockeys are often overlooked. One of the most underrated female jockeys could be Maylan Studart. The Brazilian rider displayed talent on the United States racing circuit before stepping away from horse racing to become a reporter and a financial analyst. Here is a closer look at the story of jockey Maylan Studart. […] Continue Reading

French Jockey Savaged By Rival Horse During Race

Let it never be said that horse racing is not a physical, brutal sport. The men and women who ride race horses for a living are accustomed to putting their lives on the line and facing danger when they ride. Most of them just never expect that the danger will come the mouth of another horse on the track. One […] Continue Reading

How Much Money Do Horse Racers Make?

Have you ever wanted to know how much money horse racers make? By horse racers we mean the owners, horse trainers, and jockeys who make the sport what it is. You might be surprised to find out the earnings for the various professionals that are involved with thoroughbred horse racing can be low. Horse racing is a brutal sport that […] Continue Reading

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

In Hong Kong there is one organization that is tasked with oversight of thoroughbred racing. This is the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The prestigious organization has worked hard to make horse racing in Hong Kong the most popular sport and betting activity in the region. What you may not know is that the club also raises millions of dollars each […] Continue Reading

Emma Jayne-wilson : Hong Kong Jockey

Only a handful of women have distinguished themselves in horse racing as professional jockeys. One of the most successful of the modern era is Emma-Jayne Wilson. This Canadian-born jockey has won over 1,500 races in her career. She has made many headlines, but the one for which she may be remembered most is becoming the first female jockey to be […] Continue Reading

Angel Cordero – Jockey Profile

Angel Cordero, Jr. is known as one of the toughest jockeys to ever compete in professional horse racing. The native of Puerto Rico had a reputation for riding every race as though it were his last. Cordero was the first jockey from Puerto Rico to be inducted into the National Museum of Racing’s Hall of Fame, and won more than […] Continue Reading

Joe Bravo – Jokey Profile

There is perhaps no more famous jockey on the East Coast racing circuit than Joe Bravo. Nicknamed “Ace” for his expert riding skills, Bravo has been a dominant factor in horse racing for many years. He is especially good at the Monmouth race track in New Jersey. Many trainers turn to Joe Bravo when they have a horse who needs […] Continue Reading

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