Horse Racing Betting Hacks

Any handicapper worth his or her salt will tell you that there is no shortcut to winning horse racing bets. It takes practice and skill in addition to discipline. That doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of some horse racing betting hacks.


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Some of the hacks that have been used for betting on horses are illegal. There is always someone who thinks they can cheat their way to betting profits. Other horse racing hacks are perfectly legitimate and may be able to put lots of money in your pocket. Let’s look at examples of both.

Trying to Hack Horse Racing Betting Platforms

Pretty much any platform that has anything to do with electronics is the potential victim of a hack. Horse racing is a sport that depends on electronic tote boards for offtrack and on-track betting. Those tote boards at the track are tied in to the wagering odds offered by online racebooks. A hack of the racing tote board could have far reaching implications.

Such hacks have been tried by industrious cheaters who were looking to make a quick buck on horse racing bets. One such hack involved a man who worked for Autotote, the company that oversees tote board operations on race tracks. He joined with two other men to first capitalize on tickets that were not cashed. The men then attempted what became known as the Breeders’ Cup Fix Six Scandal. They were discovered and sent to federal prison.

Past posting is another hack at the race track that has been used successfully at the race tracks in Hong Kong. A group of bettors were able to dial directly into the phone wagering platform offered by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. In some cases they were able to get a bet down after the results of the race. This guaranteed the hackers a win. Again, they were caught and punished.

Hacking horse racing is certainly a possibility, but the price of trying to win a horse racing bet this way could be very high. Prison sentences are not at all light when it comes to cheating on gambling. It seems that the courts like to make examples out of those who try it.

The Oldest Horse Racing Betting Hack

When it comes to horse racing betting hacks there is no more classic one than the efforts of a jockey or group of them to fix the outcome of a race. It has been tried in many racing jurisdictions. Many of those jockeys who try to do such a thing are caught and punished, but there is no way to really know how many times these hacks have worked.

Race fixing to win a bet would work something like this. A jockey would intentionally pull a horse or restrain it to allow another horse to win the event. Sometimes a single jockey might be able to pull off this horse racing hack. In most cases it would require the help of at least one other jockey and maybe more.

Those who bet on horse racing today should take heart in knowing that race fixing in this manner is not really a problem at modern race tracks. There is simply too much for the jockeys to lose and too little to gain. Few jockeys are willing to risk their career just to cash a single winning ticket. Even so, there are some jockeys who are willing to take the shot. An example would be Sylvester Carmouche.

The Funniest Horse Racing Betting Hack

The Delta Downs meet in Louisiana is famous for quite a few things. The track is the annual host of the Delta Jackpot, a race for two-year-old horses who often are aiming for the Kentucky Derby. A large portion of the track’s backside was destroyed in 2005 when Hurricane Rita swept across Louisiana. These things may be Delta Downs’ claim to fame, but it was a horse racing hack by jockey Sylvester Carmouche that really put the track in the national spotlight.

Delta Downs is situated near the Gulf of Mexico and the Intercoastal Waterway. It gets a mix of temperatures during its winter/spring meet. As the temps get warmer the fog rolls in from the Gulf. Sometimes the fog is so bad that races have to be canceled. On one night it was bad enough to prevent the race fans and announcer from seeing the horses on the backstretch.

Jockey Sylvester Carmouche decided to take advantage of the fog. As the horses broke from the starting gate and ran past the grandstand for the first time, Carmouche held his horse back. When the horses were nearing the finish line again after making a trip around the track, Carmouche urged his horse back into action ahead of the others. He won on his longshot in record time, causing suspicion among everyone. The plan was discovered and Carmouche was suspended from racing for a time.

Can You Hack Horse Racing?

About the only way that someone could hack horse racing today would be to use inside information that is gleaned from people who work on the backside of the race track. Sometimes these individuals know which horses are training good and which horses are hurting. That kind of information can sometimes pay off at the betting windows.

With the availability of good handicapping information today there is really no need to look for horse racing hacks. All one needs to do is put in the time studying the racing form and doing their homework. A methodical approach will produce plenty of winners.

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