How To Make A Horse Race Betting Cheat Sheet

Every type of gambling requires that you have some knowledge of the game you are wagering on. Blackjack players, roulette players, and other gamblers often use cheat sheets to help them remember the basic rules of the betting strategy they are using. We are going to explain how you can make your own horse race betting cheat sheet.

Having this cheat sheet with you when you are betting at an online racebook can keep you focused. It can also help you to win more money at horse race betting.

What is a Horse Race Betting Cheat Sheet?

Simply put, a horse race betting cheat sheet is a reference that you can access while you are betting the ponies. It is something that you can keep on your desk or a table by your favorite chair. You can then look at the sheet to get ideas on how to bet the horse races.


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A cheat sheet can contain much information. It can list the various angles a handicapper likes to play. It can list the betting options at a specific track. No two horse racing betting cheat sheets need be the same. What the sheet contains will depend upon the handicapper.

With that being said there are probably some basic elements that are common to all horse racing betting cheat sheets. Let’s take a look at those and how you can make your own sheet for online horse betting.

Common Elements of Cheat Sheets

You cheat sheet can be customized to your liking, but there are some basic things it should contain. One of the first is the proper method for calculating betting slips. You should know how much it will cost you to bet certain types of tickets.

Let’s take a Pick 3 bet as an example. Many handicappers like to spread out in this bet which requires you to pick the winner of three successive horse races. In other words, you may want to use more than one horse in each race to give yourself a better chance to win. The formula for this is x * y * z.

In leg one of the Pick 3 you will use two horses. In leg two you will use one horse. In leg three you will use four horses. So, you would determine the cost of your ticket by using the formula. 2 x 1 x 4 = 8. This means that there are eight possible winning combinations which involve the horses that you have chosen. You would then multiply 8 by the amount of the base wager. If you are playing a $1 Pick 3, the cost of the bet is $8.

There are similar formulas for all exotic horse racing bets. You should make a list of those formulas on your cheat sheet.

Another element that you will usually find on a betting cheat sheet for horses is information about the specific racing circuit that is being played. If you were focusing on Hong Kong race betting you would want to include information about the top trainers, jockeys, and horses on that racing circuit. This will help you quickly identify the most talented people and horses on the circuit.

Some horse players also like to include some basic information about the weather conditions usually encountered at the track they play. You might also make notes about any bias that you have observed on the track surface as the meet is in progress. The information you include is up to you.

Your Horse Racing Cheat Sheet Will Evolve

It is fair to say that your betting cheat sheet will evolve over time. This is especially true as you determine which betting angles are the most effective. You may even develop your own betting angles that you can reduce to a simple formula. When the conditions of the formula are met you can just make a bet.

Always remember that a horse racing betting cheat sheet is merely a handicapping aid. It is not a golden ticket that will allow you to win every bet. It is only meant to simply the betting process as you evolve as a bettor.

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