The Legend Behind The Lucky Horseshoe

You are probably familiar with the image of the horseshoe as a good luck symbol. In many homes today you can find a horseshoe on the wall or above the door. While the lucky horseshoe is not automatically associated with horse racing, there are those bettors who believe a horseshoe will bring them luck at an online racebook.


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The Story Behind the Lucky Horseshoe

The original story which accounts for good luck being attributed to the horseshoe can be traced to an Irish myth involving a blacksmith and the devil. According to the story, a blacksmith was hard at work in his shop one day making horseshoes. The devil appeared in the shop with his cloven hooves and demanded that the blacksmith make shoes for his own feet.

The blacksmith recognized the devil and decided to attach a burning hot horseshoe to his foot, straight from the forge. The devil left and was in horrible pain, so much that he removed the horseshoe and threw it away. The devil proclaimed that he would never go near a horseshoe again. Individuals began hanging shoes in their homes because they were believed to repel the influence of the devil.

Other Horseshoe Stories

The story of the devil and the blacksmith is just one of many origin stories about how the horseshoe became a symbol of good luck. Others indicate that iron was always attributed some magical significance, and still others state that it was the crescent shape of the horseshoe that gave it magical powers.

According to the Kentucky Derby Museum the horseshoe was considered to be a magical element by the Chaldeans. They thought that the horseshoe was good for protecting against the Evil Eye. Over the years it became a symbol adopted by horsemen all over the world which represented the hope for good fortune.

Horseshoes also have seven holes in them that are used to attach the shoe to the foot of a horse. These holes are also considered lucky. Horseshoes are always meant to be hung with the legs of the shoe facing upward. The belief here is that the upward facing legs help to contain the luck that comes down and fills the horseshoe. Hanging a horseshoe upside down would be considered bad luck.

Lucky Horseshoes and Horse Racing

You will find that many horseshoes are used to decorate the stables of race horse trainers at race tracks all over the world. The tradition of hanging a horseshoe in the barn is especially popular among the horsemen of Australia. It is believed that having a horseshoe in the barn is a way to guarantee that a horse will have safe travels.

Bettors also use the horseshoe for their own rituals. Some bettors that like to play the horses at an online racebook may prefer to keep a horseshoe in their office at home or wherever they like to go online and make bets. Others may wear the pendant of a horseshoe around their neck because they think it gives them good luck.

The fact is that any item which makes the bettor feel lucky is not a bad thing. Many bettors give superstition a serious consideration when making their bets.

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