The Top Five Horse Racing Betting Superstitions

Gamblers are always thinking about superstitions. This includes handicappers who like to bet on horse racing at an online racebook. We can’t say for sure whether or not this form of luck has anything to do with winning a horse racing bet, but here is a list of the top five horse racing betting superstitions. How many have you used?


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Betting on Gray Horses in Bad Weather

This betting superstition has been around horse racing for many years. It specifically applies betting on gray horses when the track is wet. Gray horses have reputations for being mudders, or horses that like to run in mud. There is no data to say for certain whether a horse of any color likes muddy surfaces better than another horse, but some bettors swear by this.

Using Horseshoes for Good Luck

If you visit the backside of a horse racing track in North America you are likely to see the presence of horse shoes in the barn area where horses are stabled. We don’t just mean that the shoes are on the horse’s feet. Many trainers will place a horseshoe above the stall of a horse for good luck, and some also put a horse shoe at the entrance to the barn area or above their office door. Trainers like to bet also and can use the good luck. A key thing here is that the horseshoe must always be placed with the legs facing up to catch and contain all the good luck.

Never Wish a Jockey Good Luck

Some horse racing fans like to stand by the rail as jockeys pass back and forth on their way to the track. If you are one of these people do not wish a jockey good luck as they pass by. Some riders are okay with this, but others consider it to be very bad luck. Who can say how this horse racing betting superstition got started? It probably happened because one jockey got hurt after a fan wished them good luck. The story got around and the superstition stuck. That is the thing about gambling superstitions. It takes very little to get them started.

Betting on a Lucky Number

Each horse that runs in a race is assigned a number that has to be worn during the race. The number is worn on a saddle cloth. Some racing fans swear by only betting on a certain number in a horse race. A number that seems to be chosen often is 7, probably because it has connotations with luck in many types of gambling. Getting a 7 at the craps table can be good, and hitting 7s on a slot machine can win a jackpot. Many bettors have projected that same luck to the number 7 in horse racing.

Betting on the Color Green

In horse racing the number 5 is the color that corresponds to the green saddle cloth of a horse. Jockeys may also wear green racing silks. For whatever reason there are some horse racing bettors who believe that the color green has some type of gambling power. This is probably because the color of money in the US is green.

At EZ Horse Betting we are interested to know what your personal gambling superstitions are. Do you use these superstitions when you make bets at one of our recommended online racebooks? Leave us a note in the comments and share with us your own personal betting superstitions. Bovada or Twinspires or even Betamerica are a good choice if you are in the US.  1xbet  if outside the US!


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