The Key To Winning Triple Crown Horse Racing Bets

The Triple Crown series is one of the most exciting events for online horse racing bettors. The three races which make up the series feature the most talented horses in the world. This makes each race a very competitive affair with large odds on many horses. Those who practice EZ Horse Betting can make a sizable profit if they know what to look for when betting on these races. Here are some important things to consider when doing your Triple Crown handicapping.


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Start Preparing for the Triple Crown in the Fall

The Triple Crown series kicks off each year on the first Saturday in May with the Kentucky Derby. But long before this day arrives the horses that will compete in the events have already begun to emerge as talented runners. Most of them will make their racing debut in the fall of the year prior to the Triple Crown. The series is restricted to horses that are three years old. You should start watching for potential contenders when the horses start racing at two.

A place where many potential Triple Crown runners will begin their career is at Saratoga in August or Del Mar in September. These short race meets will host many races for horses that are two years old. These horses will probably be making their very first starts on the race track. In most cases, a horse that is perceived to be a potential Triple Crown runner will make its debut in a Maiden Special Weight race.

A Maiden Special Weight, or MSW, race is one in which the horses entered are not for sale. Their owners and trainers think highly enough of them to put them in a race where they cannot be claimed. Some of these races are very short distances. They can be as little as 5 ½ or 6 furlongs. You will want to watch for a horse that is able to win its debut in stellar fashion. After this initial victory you will want to keep an eye out for future starts and observe how the horse does.

So, how do you keep up with all of the information necessary to make a good Triple Crown betting decision? The answer is simple. Buy a notebook and begin to keep notes on all the horses you consider to be potential entrants in the Triple Crown.

Your Triple Crown Racing Notebook

You can purchase a cheap spiral bound notebook to keep your Triple Crown list in, but many bettors opt for a binder that they can add sheets to. You can get some dividers and section the binder off to keep track of all the horses you want to follow. You should also get some pens and highlighters so that you can record and mark important information.

Make a section for each horse that you want to follow. You should include important information such as the horse’s name, its trainer, and its owner. You might also want to note the jockey that has been riding the horse on a regular basis. There really is no right or wrong collection of information. Just put down whatever data that you think is important.

You can also do this on a computer, and some individuals might even be smart enough to develop their own program or database. Do whatever feels right to you, but make sure that you can easily access he information in your notebook.

The primary piece of information that you want to keep is race results. You want to note the horses in which a horse raced, the times it took to run the race, and any notable horses that the horse may have beaten in these races. The talented horses often compete against one another as they are making their way to the Triple Crown. It can be exciting to see rivalries start to take shape. You can even include charts or past performances that have been obtained from your preferred online racebook. Most racebooks will give you access to these things for free when you create a wagering account.

This notebook is going to become a key to your Triple Crown wagering. You will update it from the fall up until the series begins. You will record the winners of various prep races in your notebook. Soon you will have a valuable collection of data that can be used to identify the winner of the races in the series.

The Breeders’ Cup Juvenile

In late October or early November the Breeders’ Cup World Championships will be held at one of America’s prestigious race tracks. You will want to watch these races, especially the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile. This is a race that is restricted to the best two-year-old horses in the land. Many horses will exit this race to go on and compete in the Triple Crown.

In recent years a curious pattern has emerged regarding the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile race. For whatever reason the winner of the race does not seem to do well in the Kentucky Derby. Sometimes the horse can be derailed by injury, or perhaps it is just fatigue from a hard campaign. Whatever the reason, the Juvenile winner is vulnerable in the Derby. The horse may subsequently perform well in the Preakness or Belmont Stakes, however.

Having a Plan for Betting the Triple Crown

The best thing you can do when it comes to making bets on the Triple Crown is to have a betting plan in place before the series begins. This will prevent you from making rash decisions that could cost you money at the online racebook. You should determine which approach you will take in betting, how much your bankroll will be, and how you will allocate that bankroll.

From a bankroll standpoint it pays to have as much as your discretionary wagering funds will allow. Many bettors save up the majority of their yearly bankroll for betting on the Triple Crown. The reason they do this is because the potential for huge payouts is much greater. The base straight wager on these events would be $2, so we would recommend at least a $100 bankroll to bet the minimum. If you plan on making exotic wagers, plan on having at least $500 or more.

Here is something that you might want to consider. Many online racebooks are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of deposit. If you are big into cryptocurrency and have some Bitcoin to spare, why not check out one of these racebooks? Using Bitcoin might even have a positive psychological effect on your betting. Because it is a digital currency it doesn’t always produce the same negative emotional feelings as losing cash.

Next you will want to determine how this bankroll is going to be spent. You will have to decide how much is going to be reserved for making straight wagers and how much is going to be used for exotic bets. Exotic bets are those which combine two or more horses. Straight wagers involve a bet on one single horse to win.

The exotic bets in the Triple Crown can produce some amazing payouts. You should at least budget a little money for making a Pick Six bet or a few trifectas. These kinds of bets can create payouts of well over $1,000 for a single $1 bet. The key to consistently winning any betting event is to risk a little to win a lot. You’ll be doing that when you bet the exotics.

Don’t Bet Everything on the Kentucky Derby

Another mistake that some bettors can make is to spend the majority of their bankroll on the first race in the Triple Crown series. We would argue that you should be doing exactly the opposite. Save the majority of your Triple Crown bankroll for the Belmont Stakes. This is the last race of the series. The reason for this is simple. You will have added insight into the ability of horses after watching the first two races.

Another reason that you want to save some money to wager on the Belmont is that there is always the potential to make a bet on a horse that could win the Triple Crown. We have had two winners of the Triple Crown in the past four years, American Pharoah and Justify. There is something special about saying you were able to make a bet on a horse that was trying for the ultimate prize, even if you lose.

These tips will help you make better betting decisions for the Triple Crown. Are you ready to put them into action? You can sign up right now at one of our recommended online racebooks. Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere! The process only takes a few moments and you will receive a nice welcome bonus when you register your account.


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