What Is An Exacta Box Bet?

Have you ever wondered what all the different bets are at the online racebook? What is a trifecta? What is a Daily Double. What is an exacta box bet? Today we are going to take a look at the exacta box and explain it to you. You’ll be able to bet an exacta box for real money at your favorite online racebook once we are done. Get your note taking materials ready.

About the Exacta Box Bet

An exacta is a horse racing bet that requires you to pick the first two finishers of a race in exact order. You must correctly identify the winner and the second-place finisher in order to cash this bet. It is considered to be one wager, and the winnings are paid from a separate pool. Most race tracks offer the exacta bet for a minimum of $1. The $2 exacta is the most common form of the bet, but you can play it for any amount of money that you like.

An exacta was one of the first exotic bets introduced in horse racing. It was followed by the Daily Double and other bets which give bettors a chance to maximize their winnings. An exacta tends to pay more than a straight wager on a single horse because there is more risk involved and more winning combinations to consider.

So, what is an exacta box bet? This bet allows the two horses you have selected to finish in any order. In other words, you are only picking the horses that you think will finish first and second. It does not matter which of them wins and which one runs second. As long as they claim the top two spots you are a winner and will receive a payout.

Unlike a straight exacta the exacta box is considered to be two separate wagers on one ticket. If you win the bet one of those tickets will automatically lose. The cost of an exacta box is twice the amount that you would pay for a straight exacta. In other words, a $2 straight exacta would cost $4 as an exacta box. You are basically hedging your bets in case one horse outruns the other.

Is the Exacta Box a Good Bet?

Opinions vary on this subject. Some bettors love the exacta box because they believe it is less risky. Others believe that boxing horses in an exacta means that you have no opinion, and if you have no opinion then you should not be betting the race. One of the most famous horse racing bettors of all time, Andrew Beyer, has stated on many occasions that he is not a fan of boxed betting.

EZ Horse Betting believes that the exacta box is a good bet in some situations. There may be races where two horses stand tall above the competition. You know that these two horses will outrun their rivals, but choosing between the two is much more difficult. In that situation you may want to bet the horses in an exacta box to safeguard against loss.

Another situation where the exacta box can be a good idea is when you have identified one horse that is a longshot. You believe that this longshot has been overlooked by the betting public and has every right to be in the mix when the race is finished. In that case, you would bet the exacta box and hope for a miracle. If the longshot manages to outrun the other horse that you have a picked, a big payout could be in the works. If you do not box the bet and this happens, you will win nothing and miss out on a big score. In the event that your longshot runs second to the favorite you have picked, you will still get a decent payout because the longshot has been offered at a big price.

Another thing to consider when making an exacta box bet is the takeout that is levied by the track on exotic wagers. It is generally higher than that allocated to straight bets like the win, place, and show. Some bettors do not like to play a bet if the takeout is high. They reason that they are being robbed, and to an extent this is true. The higher the takeout, the less money that is returned to bettors.

What is an Exacta Box Bet at an Online Racebook?

When you make an exacta box bet at an online racebook you are making the exact same wager that you would be making at the live race track. You will get to share in the same pool that is being used at the live track, and your winnings will be exactly the same as those posted on the tote board when the race is complete.

Betting an exacta box online is preferred by many bettors today. They are able to make the wager from home on a computer, phone, or tablet. They can even bet with Bitcoin at some online racebooks. It is also possible to get free past performances from the online racebook when you satisfy certain betting requirements. See our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

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2 comments on “What Is An Exacta Box Bet?

  • David & Virginia Gomez

    I bet a $5 exacta box on 2 horses which cost me $10 and the exacta payed $25 then how much is my payout

    • admin

      Hey, David and Virginia. Thanks for reading and asking a great question. You have actually already provided the answer. If it costs you $10 to make your exacta box and the exacta returns $25, the overall profit on your winning bet is $20. You are receiving the original $5 wager that was successful, plus $20. But, the profit that you will realize on your exacta is $15 because one of your exacta wagers did not win. That’s the tricky thing about boxes. They give you a better chance to win in some cases, but you have to be careful that you don’t redline these bets. In your case, it seems that the horses you chose were offered at semi-decent odds. You should also remember to account for takeout and breakage which will lower the true return you should have received. You wagered a total of $10 and received $25 back for a profit of $15. Hope this helps!


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