How Do I Place A Bet Online?

At EZ Horse Betting we pride ourselves on giving you very accurate horse race betting information. Sometimes we get emails asking basic questions such as, “How do I place a bet online?” Here is a beginner’s guide that will help you make that first racing wager at your favorite online horse betting site.

Step One – Choose Your Online Racebook

Before you can make a bet online you will need to have an online racebook account. We have provided reviews of many online racebooks that you can use. One of our favorites is Bovada. They have a great reputation for horse race betting, and can be trusted to make quick payouts.


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Another thing that we like about Bovada racebook is that you can wager on horses with Bitcoin if you so desire. Of course, the racebook also offers deposits with a credit or debit card. It takes only a few moments to sign up, and you can make your horse racing bets from home with a computer, phone, or tablet.

Something that you will want to insist on when you select a racebook is a large availability of horse racing tracks. You will want to make wagers at tracks in the US, Australia, and the UK. A good racebook will have a simulcast feed of all these tracks and then some.

Step Two – Fund Your Account

Before you can begin making those horse racing bets you will need to place money or cryptocurrency in your horse betting account. You will do this by logging in with the username and password that you have created, and in most cases you will click on the CASHIER tab that is located on your dashboard.

Once you get to the cashier you will be given a choice of deposit methods. You can select credit or debit card, or you may be able to deposit Bitcoin. Bovada accept Bitcoin! Some other racebooks will allow you to use a bank wire or transfer to make your wagering deposit. The method you choose is up to you. There can often be different limits with different deposit methods. Check with your racebook to see how much you can deposit or withdraw by any one method.

Step Three – Choose the Tracks You Want to Bet

The next step to answering how do I place a bet online is to make a choice about the race tracks that you will want to bet. This is where many horse racing bettors make a mistake. They often spread themselves too thin by choosing to many horse racing tracks. We recommend that you focus on a certain racing circuit.

For example, you might wish to limit your betting to the horse racing tracks that are located in New York. There are three major tracks there that run all year long in turn. The same can be said for California, Louisiana, and other US states. But when it comes to a selection of horse racing tracks that cannot be beaten, we must recommend Australia.

Australia is one of the best horse racing locations in the entire world. There are a vast number of horse race tracks to choose from, and the only day that racing is not conducted is December 25th. Best of all, your online racebook account will give you complete access to all of these tracks. You don’t need multiple online racebook accounts to make wagers at different tracks.

Manage Your Horse Betting Bankroll

Before you start making bets at an online racebook, you need to have a plan. A good betting plan means knowing how much that you have available to bet and how you will choose to spend it. You should think about the kinds of bets that you want to make, and also about how much profit that you would like to earn.

Many horse bettors like to allocate a portion of their wagering money to straight win bets and another part to exotic wagers. Some bettors like to use all of their wagering money for big wager like the Pick Six. The choice is yours. The only wrong thing that you can do is to have no plan at all for your horse betting bankroll.

Become Familiar with Your Online Racebook

The next thing that you need to do is become familiar with your online racebook. You need to know how to access the various areas of the site. The starting point for most online racebooks, including Bovada, is a lobby that gives you many options for placing a horse racing bet.

In the online racebook lobby you will see a list of the horse racing tracks that are offered for betting. You will usually navigate these with a dropdown menu. Once you select the track that you want to make bets on, the next step is to choose a race from the current race card.

Listings of each race include the type of race, the horses that are involved, and basic information about trainers and jockeys. With a single click of the mouse you will be able to choose the horses that you want to bet on and the type of bets that you would like to make.

It pays to note here that many online racebooks are now offering horse racing betting apps for the Android and iOS mobile platforms. You should check with your online racebook to see if these apps are available.

These are some very basic instructions for how to place a bet online. Remember that each online racebook is a little different. Always take time to become comfortable with the one that you have chosen. See our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

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