What Is A Griffin Race In Hong Kong Horse Racing?

All over the world the sport of horse racing has many colorful terms that are unique to a specific location. This language of the race track is also present in Hong Kong. Those who are new to racing in this part of the world might want to know, what is a griffin race in Hong Kong? EZ Horse Betting has the answer.

The Griffin in Hong Kong

Horse racing in Hong Kong is a sport which is typically well-organized. When you consider the number of horses that compete at tracks all over the world, a hierarchy of races is a must. Those who bet horses regularly refer to this hierarchy as class or a class ladder. The higher a horse goes on the class ladder, the more talented it is.

A ladder must have a bottom run, a place where all horses begin their journey toward horse racing greatness. In America and other locations this class of horses are called maidens. A maiden is a horse that has never won a race. In Hong Long, some maidens are known as griffins. The term reflects a bit more than just a horse that has yet to win a race, though.

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In Hong Kong the griffin is a horse that has been imported to the region unraced. This means that it has not competed in a race before it arrives in Hong Kong. Many horses are bred and trained to race in Hong Kong because the purse structures are generous. A horse that has talent can make much more money racing in Hong Kong than it can racing in other parts of the world.

Griffin races pose a challenge for the Hong Kong handicapper. It can be very difficult to assess the abilities of a horse that has never seen competition. There are a few things you can look at which may help you pick the winner of a griffin race.

The Long Road of a Griffin

Many people have the assumption that it is an easy task to get a horse to the race track in good condition. This is simply not the case. The path any young horse takes to become a competitor is fraught with obstacles and peril. Most thoroughbred horses born today never make it to the track. Of those who do, a large number of them will end their career as a maiden without a single win to their credit.

The griffin’s journey to the Hong Kong race track begins not longer after the horse is foaled. Within the short span of six months or so its owners and possibly trainers will begin to evaluate the horse’s talent. Some horses will never move beyond this stage toward racing. Females will be saved as a broodmare to breed more horses if their bloodline shows promise, or males may be gelded and sold off to other horse lovers. These sold horses might wind up in equestrian competitions, or some of them could just end up in a pasture.

The griffins that do pass muster will be entered into a training program by the time they reach one year or age. At this point a horse is called a yearling, and its path in life has pretty much been defined. The yearling will have to be broke to human contact and handling. It will have to learn how to do basic things like allow itself to be groomed. The yearling stage is very delicate because the frame of the horse is still developing. Too much stress on those young joints could cause the horse injury.

Once the horse reaches two years of age the real work begins. This is when the potential griffin will learn to train as a racehorse. It will be taught to accept a saddle, gallop around the track, and even have its first timed workout. During this all-important two-year-old season the horse may also make its trip to Hong Kong for a griffin race.

Handicapping Hong Kong Griffin Races

There is much money for bettors to make in Hong Kong horse racing. A lot of betting action takes place and this creates large wagering pools for bettors. This is especially true with griffin races where the odds on each horse can be very high.

A griffin race is difficult to handicap because bettors don’t have a lot of information to work with. They cannot look at past races because the horse does not have any. The best place to start looking when evaluating a griffin is the workout tab. This tab is usually located at the bottom of the past performances. It will list all the official workouts that the horse has had, the distance of the work, and the time in which it was completed.

Many bettors get too focused on times when looking at workouts. EZ Horse Betting has staff members who have worked in professional horse racing for many years and they will all tell you that work out times can be suspect. More than a hundred horses can work out each day at the track, and just one or two clockers will be responsible for keeping all those times! It is impossible to do. Furthermore, we know of many occasions where a trainer has called a clocker to request an โ€œofficialโ€ workout time when the horse did not even go to the track! Don’t put all your trust in workout times!

Instead, focus on consistent patterns. If the horse has been working out once a week for the past two months and then goes for three weeks without a workout, what does that mean? It could mean that the horse has shown some lameness and the trainer is backing off. You will have to use your judgment to determine what disruptions to the griffin workout pattern means, but do not underestimate the importance of those patterns.

You can also attempt to evaluate the talent of a griffin in Hong Kong horse racing by looking at its pedigree. The pedigree will tell you all you need to know about the success of the horse’s sire and dam. It will even go back farther in the pedigree for a few generations. If the horse had ancestors that performed well then there is a chance this talent was passed on to the horse.

Pedigree analysis is not foolproof. There is no guarantee that a horse will do well because its parents were stakes winners. But this happens often enough to merit consideration as a handicapping factor. It is very useful when handicapping griffins because of the large number of races that are ran on the grass in Hong Kong. Horses with a strong grass pedigree are always more likely to win on the grass than those with no grass runners in their lineage.

Where Can You Bet a Griffin Race in Hong Kong?

You might be one of the lucky ones that is able to visit the Happy Valley or Sha Tin racecourses in Hong Kong. If you are then you can make a bet on the griffin races at the live betting windows. If you are like most bettors then you will have to find another way to place your wagers. EZ Horse Betting recommends that you find a online racebook that accepts Hong Kong betting action.

All betting in Hong Kong is controlled by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Only select online racebooks are allowed to offer these tracks. We would suggest Bovada or BetAmerica to begin your search for online Hong Kong horse betting.

What you will not find is betting in Hong Kong provided by bookmakers. All betting that has not been approved by the Hong Kong jockey club is illegal.

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