Horse Breeding In Hong Kong there is no shortage of great horse racing action. One thing that you will not find in Hong Kong that you can find on other horse racing circuits is a horse breeding industry. All horses that compete in Hong Kong have been bred in other countries. There is no race horse breeding in Hong Kong. Here is a look at why this is the case.

Race Horse Breeding is Complex

Breeding racehorses is a far more complex matter than most people would imagine. It is not as simple as pairing up two horses of any type and deeming the offspring a race horse. All thoroughbreds in competition today must be descended from one of three original studs. These are the Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian, and Byerley Turk.

The foundation stallions of the thoroughbred racing industry are believed to have made their way to Europe from the Middle East. From there, the offspring of the studs were shipped to the United States. Soon, horses in the bloodline also began to appear in Australia and, much later, Japan.


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The Asian continent has had a more difficult time getting its hands on studs, although there have been a few notable exceptions. Sunday Silence was sent to Japan to help found the Japanese breeding industry, but the process has been slow.

The complexity of race horse breeding is why horses have not been sent to Hong Kong for stud service. With no studs or stud farms in the country, there is no reason to send quality mares. As a result, Hong Kong has no race horse breeding industry.

Race Horse Breeding is Expensive

Another reason that Hong Kong does not have breeding operations could have something to do with the expensive nature of breeding. Setting up a breeding farm can require a large amount of capital. It is a business that is fraught with risk.

There is no guarantee that establishing a stud farm will produce breeding success. It takes large sums of money to obtain quality studs. When a horse is first sent to stud it is anyone’s guess as to how well that horse will perform. Some studs do very well while others fail.

Even when a stud does not perform up to standards, the expenses continue. The horse has to eat, be groomed, and given any necessary medical treatments to stay in good health. Over time, this affects the bottom line.

How Do Race Tracks in Hong Kong Get Horses Without Breeding?

It is not necessary for a country to have a horse racing breeding industry for there to be horse racing. Hong Kong is a good example of that. Race tracks only need to be able to attract horses from other countries to compete. The purse structures in Hong Kong and the favorable racing conditions have lured many trainers, owners, and jockeys to the country.

Hong Kong has made a smart decision by focusing on the caliber of racing it offers. This is why the betting opportunities are so good in the country. Larger field are the norm, and bigger fields mean that the races are harder to handicap.

All this means that bettors are willing to spend more money, and more money coming in means bigger horse racing purses for everyone involved.

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