Betting the Horses Vs. Betting on Craps

Sometimes our readers and others want to know which is better? Betting the horses vs. betting on craps. For some reason these are two gambling activities that seem to attract the same bettors. They do share some common ground, but there are differences as well.

We have made an effort to compare and contrast these forms of online gambling. What you discover could change the way you approach both of them. You may also determine which gives you the best chance to win.

Horse Betting is Different From Most Other Gambling

We must start by saying that horse betting is different from many other types of gambling. In fact, it has more in common with poker than it does some of the world’s most popular betting games. The difference is that horse racing betting does not involve betting against the house.


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When you bet on horses, online or live, you are betting against the other bettors. This type of betting is called parimutuel. The horse racing track only exists as a facilitator that takes a portion of each betting pool for expenses and profit.

With craps you don’t need to beat the person playing at the same table with you. You only need to beat the house. This can be more difficult because the house always gives itself a built-in edge. That is how casinos stay in business.

What this information should tell you is that skill plays a role in handicapping. The more skilled you become at analyzing horse races to become good at picking winners, the more successful you will be. In craps you also need to be skilled, but mainly at money management and how you place bets.

Similarities Between Horse Betting and Craps

Anyone that has played either of these gambling games for real money will know that there are common factors. The biggest of these is probably the number of bets that can be made. There are probably close to 100 different wagers that can be made on craps or horse racing. It can be a little bit overwhelming for the newcomer.

One of the mistakes that bettors often make at both of these games is to make too many bets that they are unfamiliar with. This is a quick way to lose your bankroll. You should always begin with the most simple wagers and work your way up to the more complex bets.

In horse racing the simplest bets are the straight wagers. In craps the line bets are the foundation. Learn about these bets and stick with them until you are confident that you can make other bets with success.

It would also be fair to say that betting on horses vs. betting on craps involves a fast pace. Both of the games are conducted at a rapid pace. In horse racing there is a slower build up during which players can make their wagers. But once the race begins the game moves fast. Winners and losers are soon determined. The same is true in craps.

The most important similarity they share is that both offer the player a decent chance to win. Craps is among the best table games in the entire casino. Horse racing can also be a lucrative pursuit for the disciplined bettor.

The Differences for Bettors

Now, lets take a look at the differences. Horse racing is, as we said, a parimutuel game. You will need to be a better handicapper than the people you are playing against in order to win. Craps means beating the casino, and that takes a whole different set of skills.

When you play craps you are dependent on a random result to determine if you win or lose. In horse racing the results are not determined by chance. Those who want more control over their gambling destiny will probably want to choose horse racing.

Which Is the Better Bet? Craps or Horse Racing

All of the information that we have been giving was of course leading to a conclusion. Betting on horses vs. betting on craps. Which is better. Going strictly by the numbers and the statistics, horse racing would probably be a better bet than craps.

The truth is that both of them require discipline on the part of the bettor. You won’t get very far if you approach them without a plan. You can win at both craps and horse racing, but few gamblers have the discipline to win at both. Pick one and master the skill needed to win. Check our Bovada racebook review, or AmWager review & 5Dimes review for folks anywhere! You can also read other reviews such as Twinspires reviewBetamerica review.


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