5 Reasons To Pay a Tip Service

Handicappers at horse racing have always been searching for an edge over their fellow bettors. With online horse betting now becoming even more popular, having an advantage is even more important. Online racebooks have opened up the game to more players, and more players means bigger wagering pools and more competition. One way that some handicappers have decided to deal with this is to pay a tips service like Betting Gods to make their horse racing picks.


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At EZ Horse Betting we believe that almost anyone can learn to handicap the races successfully. But we also understand that handicapping is a time-consuming endeavor. Although it is a controversial subject, here are 5 reasons to pay someone else to make your horse racing bets.

1 โ€“ Handicapping is All the Tipster Does

The most successful horse racing tip services enlist the aid of professional handicappers. These individuals live, breathe, and eat horse racing 24/7. Studying the game is all they do, and that probably makes them more accurate than you when it comes to picking horses. Most people play the races as a hobby. They are not interested in doing it professionally. These bettors have lives and jobs that demand their attention.

When you use a horse race tip service like Betting Gods you are getting access to professional handicappers who pick horses for a living. They are going to be much more up-to-date on all the race racks, horses, jockeys, and trainers. At best you could probably only handicap one race track successfully. The tip service has handicappers that can pick winners at all the tracks.

2 โ€“ A Tip Service can be Cheaper Than You Think

Many people have the misconception that it costs a lot of money to use a horse race betting tip service. The truth is that it can be cheaper than you think when you consider a few factors. First, you will not need to spend money on past performances or data sheets to study the races. Some online racebooks give these for free, but some do not. Second, you must factor in the time that it takes you to handicap. That is time that you could be spending at work or with family.

If the tip service is good enough to help you avoid making bets that you shouldn’t, that can also save you money. Finally, you must consider the possible return on your investment. Generally, tip services provide picks that pay more because the handicappers are selecting horses at longer odds. This means that you will have the chance to make more money on a single bet.

3 โ€“ A Tip Service Gives Picks Every Day

Have you ever had an urge to play the races but just didn’t have the time to handicap. So, you decide to play anyway for fun and wind up losing. It wasn’t so much fun after all. A great thing about a betting service is that you can get tips every racing day. If you don’t want to play a certain day, no problem. You can skip that day and come back the next day with new picks.

Most services offer a subscription package. This may entitle you to a certain number of picks. Once you use them up you will need to renew your subscription. You might even be able to find a betting service that offers an inexpensive monthly subscription. This can be a very good deal for those who areย betting at an online racebook often.

4 โ€“ You’ll Always Get Picks for the Big Races

There is no question that the big money is made on horse racing’s biggest days. These are events like the Kentucky Derby, Breeders’ Cup, and Dubai World Cup. The problem is that these races can be vert difficult for someone to handicap. You might benefit from the help of a professional when it comes to picking the big races.

Many tip services will also provide you with valuable insights on how to play the picks you have been given on the big race cards. This can include advice for playing the Pick Six and other big wagers that can pay out life-changing money. You won’t even have to figure out how to make an exotic ticket. The tip service will tell you exactly how to bet it.

5 โ€“ A Tip Service Lets You Have More Fun

Let’s be honest. Handicapping horse races is a drag. It is tedious work that is tiring on the brain and the eyes. Some people get so obsessed with picking racing winners that they don’t get to enjoy the pure adrenaline rush of cheering on a horse to victory. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just show up at the track armed with your picks? All you need to do is bet them and enjoy the races.

Did you know that Betting Gods is one of the most popular horse race betting services in the world? Betting Gods has expert handicappers that have a very high win rate. Why not sign up today and give this betting service a try?ย ย ย  ย 


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