Horse racing betting and handicapping is a numbers game. Picking winners involves evaluating a lot of data. That can take large amounts of time. Betmix is a handicapping software program that can do sophisticated calculations in a fraction of the time it would take you to do them yourself. The software even integrates with popular online betting platforms like Xpressbet and 1/ST Bet.


We know that using software for horse racing betting can be a little intimidating. That’s why we have provided this Betmix review. We’ll give you the important information on the program so that you can make a decision about whether or not it is right for you.

What is Betmix?

Betmix is a handicapping software program that gives you access a large collection of handicapping tools. With just a few clicks, the software is able to analyze the chances of any horse in a race. It can compare the abilities of horses, jockeys, and trainers in mere minutes. You can then use the information that you receive to make your picks.


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The Betmix handicapping software was created with the help of betting professionals who have years of experience. The team behind the software includes both developers and handicappers. What they have managed to accomplish together has never before been done in horse racing. It would take hundreds of thousands of dollars to commission this kind of work, but you can have access to the Betmix horse betting software for much less than that.

Betmix Features

Let’s take a closer look at the various features of the Betmix software. These most important of these are the 200 handicapping profiles that can be applied to various tracks and conditions. In handicapping, profiles are also sometimes referred to as angles. You’ve got more 200 of them at your fingertips with Betmix.

Want to handicap the speed in a race? Want to determine which horses have the edge with pace? Maybe you want to know which horses are front-runners and which ones like to shade the pace. Just plug in the angle that you want to use and the Betmix software will do the rest.

What if you want to create your own angles? There are 50 different handicapping tools, or parameters, that you can use. When you find an angle that works well for you, just save it in your profile and use it again for betting.

There are also unique programs within the software which allow you to focus on specific disciplines. These include the Bird Dog, a feature which allows you to customize the data that you see on your screen. There is also the Angler, a massive database of information that you can use to put together your own horse racing angles.

You can even create a handicapping journal for long-term analysis. It will record all of your bets, and also provide multiple tools for analyzing your betting habits. You can cash more tickets when you have the information that this horse racing betting software gives you.

Using Betmix

When you decide to give Betmix a try there is an option to use it to analyze a free race of the day. Once you have tried the free sample, you simply navigate to the main Betmix page and click the button for New Customer. There are also other Sign Up Now buttons located on the home page.

You will then be taken to a page where you can choose your subscription options. There are three basic tiers. You can purchase a temporary membership for two days, a monthly subscription, or a yearly subscription. The yearly option is a good choice for those who bet every week. You will save $100 over the cost of paying month-to-month.

Betmix prices

Once you have paid for your subscription you will be allowed to access the software and create your own mixes and profiles.

If you are a little bit intimidated at the prospect of using this type of software, don’t me. There is an entire library of tutorials that you can use. These tutorials cover every horse betting subject you can imagine. With just a little bit of practice you will be using the software like a professional handicapper.

Integration With Online Racebooks

One of the things that we very much like about this horse racing software is that it easily integrates with popular online horse betting  like Xpressbet and 1/ST Bet. Our EZ Horse Betting readers know that we recommend these racebooks as good choices if you want to bet horses online.

Once you are able to link your racebook account with the Betmix platform, all you need to do is input the information on the races you want to bet. You can then craft your tickets and make bets right from the platform. This makes things so much simpler and easier to track.

Betmix Pros and Cons

The things we like about Betmix are:

  • Integration with online betting platforms
  • Affordable for most bettors
  • Many tools to create handicapping methods
  • Save your profitable methods as horse racing betting profiles.

The things that could be improved include:

  • Just a little bit intimidating for those unfamiliar with technology
  • Could be improved on mobile devices
  • Learning curve for some features is steep

Our View of Betmix

Do you regularly use Xpressbet or 1/ST Bet to wager on horses online? Do you bet on horses several times each week? If so, Betmix could be very useful for you. It can also be profitable if you only have a few hours to handicap each week. You could even use this software to handicap on the fly if necessary, but we don’t advise it. Be prepared and do your homework.

Betmix will surely help you do that. It has all the information that you could possible want. Betmix draws from huge databases to provide the best stats and handicapping info. Just decide on the information that you want, plug it in to the system’s analytical features, and find the horses with the best chances.


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