Betting Running Styles in Horse Racing

Understanding the different running styles of a horse is an important part of EZ Horse Betting. Thoroughbred racehorses are not all the same in how they prefer to run. Some like to thunder to the lead. Others like to remain just behind the leaders. Still others like to retreat to the rear of the pack for most of the race […] Continue Reading

Betting Distance in Horse Racing

Horse racing is conducted at various distances. Some horses are better suited to short distances while other horses like to run a mile or more. The master of EZ Horse Betting can sometimes locate a profitable angle when he or she spots a horse that is a specialist at a certain distance. Some of the best race horses of all […] Continue Reading

Betting Consistency in Horse Racing

Some race horses are just tried and true performers. They can be depended upon to produce a sound effort every time they step on the track. The reasons for consistency can be varied. A horse can be talented. A trainer knows which races to enter. Whatever the reason, the consistent horse can put some EZ Horse Betting money in your […] Continue Reading

Betting Jockeys in Horse Racing

If you want to master the art of EZ Horse Betting there are many betting angles you need to learn. One of these is betting jockeys. Learning to recognize which jockeys are more likely to win on a given circuit can be profitable for the handicapper. The advantage of using betting angles like this one at your chosen racebook is […] Continue Reading

People Behind the Scenes of Horse Racing

Horse racing is a complex sport that requires the involvement of many people. There are horse trainers and jockeys. These are visible positions you might be familiar with. But did you know that there are many other people behind the scenes of horse racing? They work, often unseen, to make sure a racing day is carried out with no problems. […] Continue Reading

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