About the 2018 Pegasus World Cup

The eyes of the thoroughbred racing world will be trained on Hallendale, Florida in January 2018 as 12 of the best race horses in the world compete for an astounding purse of $16 million dollars. This will be the second running of the race that is the richest event in all of horse racing. EZ Horse Betting has your inside […] Continue Reading

Sir Barton’s

With so many chestnut horses having captured the Triple Crown it is no surprise that the very first Triple Crown winner also had a red color. Sir Barton won what is known today as the Triple Crown in 1919. At the time of his victory that title had not yet been introduced. Although he is often overlooked today in discussions […] Continue Reading

What is Harness Racing?

The readers of EZ Horse Betting may be particularly familiar with thoroughbred racing which is conducted on a flat track where each horse is ridden by a jockey. There is another popular form of racing, however, that also offers exciting betting opportunities at your online racebook. It is called harness or standardbred racing and you can make bets online just […] Continue Reading

What is In-Play Horse Betting?

Those who like EZ Horse Betting in the United States are accustomed to only betting on a race before it begins. You might be surprised to find out that bettors in the U.K. are able to participate in something known as in-play horse betting. This means that they can actually make bets as the race is in progress. Imagine the […] Continue Reading

Seattle Slew Racehorse

There have been 12 Triple Crown winners in horse racing history, but only one of these has the distinction of being undefeated throughout their conquest of the crown. Seattle Slew never lost a race until after completing the sweep of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. When he retired his record was an amazing 14-2-0 from 17 starts […] Continue Reading

Ferdinand Racehorse – Sad Story

Horse racing is a sport of great stories. Who can forget the triumphs of Secretariat, Seattle Slew, and American Pharoah? Few people can fail to be inspired by the story of Seabiscuit, a horse that became America’s favorite despite being given up on by his first owner. But, for all the happy stories of horse racing there are also sad […] Continue Reading

Citation Racehorse

Citation stands as a Triple Crown winner who closed an era. When Citation won the Triple Crown in 1948 it would be many years before America saw another Triple Crown champion. He was also the first horse to earn more than $1 million dollars. While he has largely been overlooked in recent years, the record suggests that Citation could have […] Continue Reading

Simple 5 Step Horse Betting Method

EZ Horse Betting is all about making things simple. Our belief is that you should spend less time handicapping and more time enjoying the wonderful sport of horse racing. Many people want to bet on horses but they don’t have the time to spend analyzing all of the details of each race. For these individuals we have put together a […] Continue Reading

Age of Horses in Horse Racing

If you are a fan of EZ Horse Betting then you should learn to take note of a horse’s age and how this affects racing ability. This can sometimes be an important factor to consider in your handicapping. This is especially true when you encounter younger horses that are competing against older horses. You might think that youth would hold […] Continue Reading

The 12 Greatest Race Horses of All Time

The recent rise of Arrogate ignited some controversy among racing fans. There were some people who were willing to proclaim Arrogate as the greatest race horse of all time, even above Secretariat. While there are many opinions about which horse is best, there is one benchmark that none can deny: winning the Triple Crown. If the greatest honor in horse […] Continue Reading