What Is The Difference Between Point To Point And Horse Racing?

Those who like to watch races from Ireland will encounter a type of racing known as Point to Point. While this race involves horses and riders, it is much different from the type of racing familiar to the fans of EZ Horse Betting. It can be exciting to watch these steeplechase style races, but many of them are not betting […] Continue Reading

What Is A Listed Race In Horse Racing?

Horse racing in the UK is very popular. It can also be just as exciting to bet as horse racing in the US. The bettor must understand that the terminology used to describe races in the UK is different from that in the States. Learning the correct names for different types of races will come in handy when the bettor […] Continue Reading

The End Of The Byerley Turk Horse Racing Bloodline

All thoroughbreds that compete in horse racing today are all descended from one of three original stallions. Now, the least successful of those bloodlines may be coming to an end. Offspring of the Byerley Turk, one of racing’s three original stallions, have been slowly declining in recent years as more breeders turn to the bloodlines which involve the Godolphin Arabian […] Continue Reading

Handicapping Horses Software

Those who like EZ Horse Betting at an online racebook are always looking for ways to improve their handicapping. It is also useful to simplify the process of picking winners at the race track. What could be more simple than a computer program that does all the work for you? As crazy as it may sound, handicapping horses software does […] Continue Reading

Handicapping Horses for a Living

Did you know that there are men and women who make an income handicapping horses? Make no mistake, EZ Horse Betting as a way to earn a living is not for the faint of heart. It takes patience, knowledge, and the willingness to devote time and effort to studying horse racing. Here are some things you might not realize about […] Continue Reading

States Now Have The Right To Legalize Sports Betting In The Us

A Supreme Court victory for New Jersey could prove to be a victory for sports bettors throughout the entire United States. The court upheld New Jersey’s right to operate online sports books as a part of its legalized gambling structure, thus paving the way for other states to do the same. Betting on the outcomes of football, baseball, and other […] Continue Reading

Angel Cordero – Jockey Profile

Angel Cordero, Jr. is known as one of the toughest jockeys to ever compete in professional horse racing. The native of Puerto Rico had a reputation for riding every race as though it were his last. Cordero was the first jockey from Puerto Rico to be inducted into the National Museum of Racing’s Hall of Fame, and won more than […] Continue Reading

Joe Bravo – Jokey Profile

There is perhaps no more famous jockey on the East Coast racing circuit than Joe Bravo. Nicknamed “Ace” for his expert riding skills, Bravo has been a dominant factor in horse racing for many years. He is especially good at the Monmouth race track in New Jersey. Many trainers turn to Joe Bravo when they have a horse who needs […] Continue Reading

What is a racecard? What does C&D mean?

Anyone that has done a lot of EZ Horse Betting at an online racebook will know that handicapping in Europe differs from that in North America. One of the main differences is that interpreting the pas performances demands knowledge of different symbols. PPs in Europe use a specific set of designations to present information to race horse bettors. Two such […] Continue Reading

How Do Handicaps Work In Horse Racing?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked here at EZ Horse Betting is how do handicaps work in horse racing? These types of races aren’t as popular today, but they are still good betting opportunities. Handicaps usually contain competitive fields of horses that make picking a winner more difficult. This means that the potential odds on your favorite […] Continue Reading