Twin Spires Is The Official Betting Partner Of The Breeders’ Cup

In 2017, Twin Spires is the place to be for betting on the Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred Championships. This excellent racebook recommended by EZ Horse Betting is offering special promotions for players who create their account to watch and wager on the prestigious event that will be held at the Del Mar Racetrack on November 3rd and 4th. $10 Sign […] Continue Reading

Breeders’ Cup 2017 Betting Guide

One of the most important racing events of the year will take place on November 3 and 4th at Del Mar Race Track in California. The 2017 Breeders’ Cup Thoroughbred World Championships will help to determine the best horses, trainers, and jockeys in horse racing. Competitors from all over the world will contest multiple races over two days. The event […] Continue Reading

Betting Speed Figures In Horse Racing

There may be no more powerful weapon for EZ Horse Betting than the speed figure. Speed figures were originally introduced by Andrew Beyer and revolutionized the game of handicapping. They are now included with all past performances, but you might be surprised to know that few people know how to use them effectively. Knowing how fast a horse is can […] Continue Reading

Betting Post Positions In Horse Racing

There are many variables with impact EZ Horse Betting. One of these which is not often considered is post position. The placement of a horse in the starting gate can sometimes flatter or compromise that horse’s chances to win. If you are able to spot advantageous post positions, you can sometimes pick a winner without the need for more complicated […] Continue Reading

Should You Bet Odds-on Horses?

One of the most important concepts of horse betting is something known as value. To get value means that you are getting the best price for your bets. The higher the odds on a horse, the more value you receive. Sometimes a favorite is so prominent in the betting that you cannot see a way that it can be beaten. […] Continue Reading

Why Do Mexico And Central America Produce Many Good Jockeys?

The prevalence of successful jockeys from Mexico and Central America defies coincidence. These talented riders have dominated the horse racing scene in America for many years now. The most recent Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah, was ridden to victory by Victor Espinoza who has an amazing personal story. Other riders like Laffit Pincay, Jr. came from impoverished backgrounds to become […] Continue Reading

Betting Present Form In Horse Racing

The student of EZ Horse Betting can rely on many factors to pick winners and win money from horse racing at an online racebook. Perhaps no other factor is as important as present form. To evaluate the present form or condition of a race horse means to determine if it has the physical ability to compete at a winning level. […] Continue Reading

Handicapping Vs. Common Sense

Learning how to win at EZ Horse Betting requires that you have some generalized knowledge of using handicapping information to pick winners. Sometimes, though, a handicapper can be led astray from common sense when they become fixated on a certain horse. There are times when you must step back and take a realistic look at you selections to see if […] Continue Reading

Reverse Handicapping In Horse Racing

Success in EZ Horse Betting comes down to one thing. You must pick the winners in horse racing. If you want to cash a bet, the horse you choose must win the race. It is logical then that many handicappers approach the process from a standpoint of finding the horses most likely to win. But what if we told you […] Continue Reading

Betting Fitness in Horse Racing

Mastering the art of EZ Horse Betting involves a lot of factors. One of the most important is being able to recognize when a horse has an appropriate fitness level. Just like any athlete, the professional racehorse must maintain a high level of physical fitness. Sometimes, the mere act of being in good condition can be enough to help a […] Continue Reading