Eddie Delahoussaye Jockey

Eddie Delahoussaye is part of a long list of successful jockeys who hail from Louisiana in the United States. He was born in one of the remote communities of Cajun country and learned how to ride horses before many children his age began to attend school. Over a career that lasted an amazing 34 years, Eddie amassed over 6,000 professional […] Continue Reading

Chris Antley

The story of Chris Antley has been immortalized in a documentary for ESPN, and many people remember this exciting young jockey. The image of Antley holding the damaged leg of Charismatic in the 1999 Belmont Stakes is a poignant indication of how much the jockey loved horses and his sport. Sadly, the world would lose Chris Antley in 2000 under […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Betting Syndicate

Betting horses online is fun and presents the opportunity to make money. Many bettors are satisfied with making small sums, but others dream of winning a huge jackpot. Hitting a Pick 6 bet at your favorite race track can net you thousands or even millions of dollars. Winning these big jackpots isn’t easy. You might want to consider creating your […] Continue Reading

A Study System for Betting Horses Online

Everyone loves a good horse betting system. Ez Horse Betting believes that the best systems are the easiest ones to master. You don’t need complicated mathematical formulas to pick winners at an online racebook. All you need the willingness to put in some time studying your favorite race circuit. Here is a study system for betting horses online that can […] Continue Reading

Spotting False Favorites in Horse Racing

EZ Horse Betting is all about picking winners. This sometimes means looking past the favorite in a race to find a betting selection. Not all favorites are winners. In fact, favorites only win one out of every three races. If you only bet favorites, you will lose two-thirds of the time. A key to successful horse betting at an online […] Continue Reading

Dead Weight Horse Racing Betting System

Weight is an important factor in EZ Horse Betting. The weight a horse carries in a race matters. What many handicappers don’t know is that the kind of weight a horse carries can actually be more important than the amount. When a jockey is too light to satisfy the weight a horse has been assigned to carry in a race, […] Continue Reading

Assault Racehorse

Assault won the Triple Crown in 1946, making him the seventh horse to claim the honor. A fact that makes Assault unique is that he is the only Triple Crown winner to be bred in Texas. The horse was sired by Bold Venture and foaled at the legendary King Ranch. The ranch was mostly known for cattle breeding, but Assault […] Continue Reading

CHASE Bank to Accept Credit Card Transactions from Racebooks

EZ Horse Betting with online racebooks just got a little easier. The National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) and Chase Bank announced on Tuesday, February 6th that the largest bank in the United States would allow the credit cards it issues to be used at online racebooks like TwinSpires and BetAmerica. Chase issues more credit cards in the U.S. than any […] Continue Reading

Count Fleet Race Horse

Count Fleet became the sixth horse to capture the Triple Crown when he won the Belmont Stakes in 1943. What the fans of EZ Horse Betting might be surprised to discover is that the horse won the Belmont by a then-record 25 lengths. Everyone remembers Secretariat’s Belmont but the outstanding effort of Count Fleet has been overlooked by history. If […] Continue Reading

Whirlaway Racehorse

Few intimate details are known about the life of Whirlaway. The horse who won the Triple Crown in 1941 was something of an enigma. Yet, those who had the privilege to see him compete would often talk about the experience for many years afterward. The truth is that Whirlaway suffered from something that has plagued other Triple Crown champions like […] Continue Reading