Weights in Horse Racing

A fact of horse racing is that each horse carries weight in a race. There is the weight of the jockey, the weight of the jockey’s tack, and sometimes the use of lead pads. As a student of EZ Horse Betting you should be familiar with the weight a horse carries and how it impacts the ability of a horse […] Continue Reading

Best Of The Best Betting

Some of the most exciting wagering options can be found when you create an account with a racebook and learn to bet horses online. This is especially true if your chosen racebook offers access to international horse racing in Australia, Japan, and the UK. One of the most popular wagers in Australia is known as Best of the Best Betting. […] Continue Reading

Pick Your Own Field Betting

Australian horse racing offers some of the most exciting live action to be found at numerous online racebooks. It also offers an entire menu of betting options which are unique to the country. Some of these exotic wagers resemble American bets, but others will be unfamiliar to the U.S. racing fan. Such is the case with Pick Your Own Field […] Continue Reading

Each Way Bet In Australian And American Horse Racing

There are many differences between Australian horse racing and racing in the United States. The most prominent of these is that all Australian races are conducted on the grass. The bet types used in Australia can be different, too, but the Each Way Bet is very similar to the Win/Place wager selected by many U.S. bettors. An Each Way Bet […] Continue Reading

Flexi Betting Offers Value In Australian Racing

Sometimes it can be advantageous to make smaller wagers at the racetrack. Flexi Betting is an exciting option that allows bettors to make percentage bets on horse races in Australia. This permits a bettor to participate on a smaller scale in bets that may have been beyond their bankroll. In United States horse racing the comparable bet is a reduced […] Continue Reading

Jack Van Berg

Jack Van Berg has a permanent place among the legends of horseracing. Now 81 years old, Van Berg is still going strong with more than 6,000 career wins. His most noteworthy accomplishments include winning the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes in 1987 with Alysheba. Van Berg is known for his straightforward method of training and for being one of […] Continue Reading

Use A Horse Racing Bonus For Free Bets

The fans of EZ Horse Betting know how important it is to build your bankroll. A horse racing bonus for new players is offered by many racebooks. This bonus can essentially allow you to make free bets on all of your favorite racehorses at all of your favorite tracks. The best part is that claiming a bonus can be as […] Continue Reading

Quinella Betting Popular In Australian Racing

When you begin EZ Horse Betting with an online racebook there are many U.S. horse racing tracks to choose from. Many racebooks will also let you wager on international racing in the U.K., Australia, and even Japan. In Australia you will find many unique betting options such as the Quinella. This bet was once popular in the United States but […] Continue Reading

People Behind the Scenes of Horse Racing

Horse racing is a complex sport that requires the involvement of many people. There are horse trainers and jockeys. These are visible positions you might be familiar with. But did you know that there are many other people behind the scenes of horse racing? They work, often unseen, to make sure a racing day is carried out with no problems. […] Continue Reading

Simple Handicapping Methods

Finding a winning horse is not simple by any means. You may have an idea that handicappers spend hours pouring over charts and past performances, and some of them do. But the fan of EZ Horse Betting should take heart. There are some simple methods of picking winners which can yield big rewards. Here are a few angles that you […] Continue Reading