Where Does The Money Go You Bet At The Race Track?

Each year billions of dollars are wagered around the world on horse racing events. Where does the money go you bet at the race track? The answer is not as simple as what you might think. Here’s a closer look at how horse race tracks earn and spend the money that they collect. How Horse Race Tracks Earn Money Just […] Continue Reading

What Is The Best Bet In Horse Racing?

One of the best things about betting on horses is that there are so many bets available to the gambler. You don’t have to settle for betting on a horse to win. In fact, making a win bet on a horse might not be the best way to go. We often get asked, “What is the best bet in horse […] Continue Reading

What Is The Best Horse Race Betting Strategy?

If you were to ask five different handicappers about what is the best horse race betting strategy, you’d probably get five different answers. Everyone approaches handicapping differently to some extent. Some are focused on speed, others on pace. Some place a high value on money management in horse race betting. All would agree that some type of plan or strategy […] Continue Reading

How To Bet On Horses & Win

The one thing that new horse bettors and handicappers want to know is how to bet on horses and win. It is the question that is asked most often when EZ Horse Betting gets emails from readers. We have provided a large amount of handicapping information that is designed to make you a good horse bettor. There are other things, […] Continue Reading

Northern Dancer – Champion Canada Race Horse

There have not been that many champion race horses that were bred in Canada. Northern Dancer is perhaps the most famous of them all. In a career that included success both on the race track and in the breeding shed, Northern Dancer managed to carve out an impressive place in Canadian horse racing history. The horse was enshrined into the […] Continue Reading

Online Horse Racing Betting Canada

Horse race betting is very popular in Canada. Even though there are only two major horse racing tracks in the Canadian provinces, millions of dollars are wagered each year on horse racing. It has become more common for people to bet the Canada races with an online racebook because online horse racing betting Canada offers multiple advantages. Here are a […] Continue Reading

Handicapping Tools & Where To Get Them For Free

There are many things that are important to handicapping horses. Those who bet horses for real money at offline and online racebooks use a number of handicapping tools to improve their ability to pick winners. Horse race betting is a game of information. The more of it you have the more successful you will become. Let’s look at the most […] Continue Reading

A History Of Horse Gambling

The origins of horse racing are steeped in tales of kings and queens that owned and raced their own majestic animals. For almost as long as there has been horse racing there has been horse gambling. It seems to be a sport that has always lent itself to wagers between participants. At some point the betting expanded to include spectators. […] Continue Reading

Live Horse Racing Canada

When it comes to horse racing there are few parts of the world that offer more exciting action than Canada. One of the major tracks in the country offers both thoroughbred and harness racing action. Although the racing season there is briefer than the one in some other locations, the live horse racing Canada provides is filled with competitive racing, […] Continue Reading

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