BetMGM adding a racebook

The push to legalize online sports betting throughout the United States continues. BetMGM is one of the online betting platforms leading the charge. You can find BetMGM in numerous states, and things just got even better. It appears that BetMGM is adding online racebooks in several states to its existing sports betting and online casino platforms. Before you sign up […] Continue Reading

Horse racing sites with bonuses

One of the main attractions of online horse racing betting sites are bonuses offered to players. Free cash for signing up, matching cash on your deposits, free bets and more can be yours. Horse racing sites with bonuses are able to boost your bankroll in a big way when you sign up and deposit real cash. There are some important […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Bets in Singapore 

Ready to start betting Singapore horse racing? If this is your first time you will notice a few differences in the betting menu. Horse racing bets in Singapore are a little bit different from those in other areas of the world. By different we mean there are fewer offerings. The straight horse betting wager is the mainstay of horse racing […] Continue Reading

The future of Esports and Betting

Have you heard the term esports lately? Probably so. These competitive events attract video gamers from all over the world. Esports have become so popular that people even bet on them. The future of esports and betting seems to look bright as more people become fascinated with electronic sports. At Ez Horse Betting, we will take a look at esports […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Entries

Getting a horse to the races is a complex process that involves many people. Horses are not taken from a pasture or paddock and sent to the races. Instead they must undergo training and be prepared for competition. After this, agents or trainers submit to the process of horse racing entries. This is how races are filled. At EZhorsebetting, we […] Continue Reading

Blackjack Horse – The Horse in John Kennedy’s Funeral

The death of a sitting leader is a difficult time for any country. This is especially true when the cause of death is an assassination. In the United States, the murder of President John F. Kennedy was cause for much sadness. Who can forget the images of Kennedy’s young son saluting the coffin of his father as it passed by? […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Betting at FanDuel

In the United States there are many online horse betting sites to choose from. One that may go overlooked is FanDuel. This online sports book was not created for horse betting. It has only started to offer bets on the sport as more states begin to legalize online sports betting. Before you open an account and begin betting horses at […] Continue Reading

Bootstrapping a Horse Racing Betting Bankroll With Nothing

Betting horse racing online is an activity that requires a bankroll. You should only be wagering with money that you can afford to lose, funds that have been set aside for that sole purpose. Those who only have limited access to such funds should consider bootstrapping a horse racing betting bankroll with nothing. With nothing? Some of you will think […] Continue Reading

The Horse Winner App

The Horse Winner app is available on both the App Store and Play Store for use on iOS and Android devices. This is the app you may need if you are a fan of horse racing in Singapore and Hong Kong. Bettors have long known that these circuits are the home of large racing events which attract huge betting pools. […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Online Betting In India

Horse racing betting is a popular activity throughout the world. This includes in India, even though other forms of betting are frowned upon in the country. There are many ways to participate in horse racing online betting in India thanks to provisions in the current laws regarding sports betting. Betting Horses In India Is Legal A law which prohibits most […] Continue Reading

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