Horse racing in Japan can be a fun event to watch. It can be even more fun to bet on Japan horse races. Before you begin, you should understand that there are a few differences between races in Japan and races in the United States and other locations.

We have prepared a list of the top ten Japan horse racing tips. These are practical suggestions that can improve your chance to make a profit at an online racebook. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with all of them if you want to have the best results.

Understand Horse Racing in Japan

The first tip is to spend some time studying how horse racing is conducted in the Land of the Rising Sun. You should know what surfaces are used, the distances at which races are run, and the class system. The better horses will compete in the higher classes of races.


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This is where a good Japan race betting notebook will come in handy. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can get a cheap spiral notebook and make notes about how horse racing in Japan works. You should also use your notebook to make notes on the different types of bets that are available.

Pay Attention to Horse Racing Breeding

It has only been in recent years that Japan has made advancements in the breeding of race horses. The Japanese thoroughbred horse breeding program was started by bringing in horses from the United States to stand at stud. Sunday Silence is one of the most famous studs that was sent to Japan to forge a bloodline.

Because of the limited number of breeding operations in Japan, many of the horses that compete in the country are shipped in from other countries. In Japanese racing it is common to see horses from Europe, the US, and other areas in the same race. Evaluating class can be more difficult when you are dealing with different racing data. A key to finding the winner of a race may be to look at its breeding.

Try to find out which Japanese race horses were bred for speed, distance, rain, and other conditions. Pay attention to which race horses have sires that performed well on turf courses. This information may give you an important edge when betting.

Choose an Online Racebook for Japan Betting

One of the most important Japan horse racing tips is to choose the right online horse betting site. Unless you live in Japan you will probably be betting from the US or another area. An online racebook gives you the best opportunity for betting, but all racebooks are not the same.

What kind of bonus does the online racebook offer? How many Japaneses horse racing tracks are available? What is the betting menu like at the online racebook that you have chosen? These are the questions that you will want to answer before you open your account and make that first deposit.

The good news is that we have reviewed and recommended many online racebooks for you to consider. You can also take confidence in knowing that the racebooks we suggest are legitimate and fair to the player.

Be Selective in Choosing Which Races to Bet

You could easily bet horse racing in Japan exclusively and be satisfied as a bettor. There is a vibrant racing calendar, and many races to choose from each week. Horse racing in Japan is usually conducted on the weekends, but there are as many as 12 races held each day at each horse racing track.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, take a measured approach to your betting. You should choose the races that you feel give you the best chance to make a profit. Remember, the higher classes of races are filled with the most talented horses. This can make them more difficult to handicap. The positive side is that the odds you receive on horses can be much more generous.

Learn About Japan Jockeys and Trainers

Remember the notebook that we mentioned earlier? This is another way in which that notebook can come in handy. You should make a section in it that includes horses, trainers, and jockeys on each specific circuit. You should make notes about how often the jockeys and trainers win, and the conditions that seem to suit them.

Over time you will notice that patterns begin to emerge. Some jockeys are best at certain distances. Some trainers excel at training young horses while others are good with stakes runners. All of this information can give you an advantage over your fellow bettors.

Get Free Japan Horse Racing Programs

You will need to access past performances for Japanese horse racing if you want to have a chance to win. Programs are often provided for free to those who attend Japanese racing in person, but when you bet online you will have to obtain them on your own.

We suggest that you consider an online horse racing book which will give you access to free past performances and race replays. This can save you hundreds of dollars each year. You can use that savings to increase your bankroll and make more bets.

If you do have to purchase past performances, make sure that you are getting the best deals. You can sometimes purchase multiple horse racing cards at a discount instead of buying them individually.

Focus on Win Bets

The number of bets that are offered at an online racebook are vast. Instead of trying to sort through which ones can offer the best chance at a profit, we recommend that you focus on the tried-and-true win bet. It is a simple straightforward wager that requires you to only support one horse.

When you bet a horse to win there is a key to making a profit in the long run. You need to only bet Japan race horses that are offered at odds of 3-1 or better. This means that you will only need to win one out of ever three races in order to break even.

Choose Simple Exotics for Wagering

If you are a Japan horse racing bettor that cannot resist the exotic wagers, try to keep your bets to the simple exotics like the exacta and trifecta. These are much easier to pick, and they only involve two or three horses.

This Japan horse racing tip is especially true for beginners. Once you have built up your experience in betting you can try the superfecta or bets like the Pick 6. There are definitely large wagering opportunities in Japan with the big exotics. Just remember that you will need a larger bankroll to play the bigger bets.

Learn to Evaluate Horse Racing Speed in Japan

No matter which country you choose to make horse racing bets in, speed is a primary factor. While many US bettors are accustomed to the Beyer Speed Figures, you may not encounter them as often in Japanese horse racing. You may see horses ranked for speed with the Timeform rating which is more common in Europe.

No matter which method that you use to evaluate speed, remember to keep in mind the running styles of each horse. Some running styles are flattered or compromised by certain racing conditions. The post position that a horse has drawn can also have an impact on its rated speed in a race.

Choose Races With Larger Fields

Finally, if you want to make the most money at Japanese horse racing you will need to get the best odds. This is much easier to do when you have a larger field of runners. In Japan it is common to see horse races that have 11 or 12 runners.

Don’t be afraid to try your hand at handicapping these big races. You can usually narrow down the field to four or five legitimate contenders. Once you have these chosen, look for the horses with the best odds compared to their chances to win.

These top ten Japan horse racing betting tips can be used right now at our recommended online racebooks. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and you can be betting with your computer, phone, or tablet right from the comfort of your living room. Bovada and AmWager would be 2 good racebooks to explore if you are in the US, otherwise check 5dimes.

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