Betting On Horses Like A Professional Gambler

Those who win the most money are those who become good at betting on horses like a professional gambler. You don’t have to be a full-time gambler to have the right mindset for betting. You can just use the same methods these handicappers use to increase your profits at an online racebook. Here is a closer look at what the […] Continue Reading

Celebrities That Like Betting On Horses

If you have watched the Kentucky Derby or the Breeders’ Cup World Championships on television then you know that many celebrities like horse racing. These events are filled with famous faces. At the Kentucky Derby there is even an area called Millionaire’s Row where the rich and famous gather together to celebrate with a few drinks and wager. Here are […] Continue Reading

Pittsburgh Phil–the Greatest At Ez Horse Betting

There are many men who have mastered the art of horse betting, but none of them achieved the success of the legendary George E. Smith, also known as Pittsburgh Phil. An avid gambler who loved many types of betting, Pittsburgh Phil had a special affinity for betting on racehorses. His methods were so good that they are still used successfully […] Continue Reading

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