Breeders’ Cup 2017 Betting Guide

One of the most important racing events of the year will take place on November 3 and 4th at Del Mar Race Track in California. The 2017 Breeders’ Cup Thoroughbred World Championships will help to determine the best horses, trainers, and jockeys in horse racing. Competitors from all over the world will contest multiple races over two days. The event is capped by the running of the Breeders’ Cup Classic, one of racing’s richest events.


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What You Need to Bet the Breeders’ Cup

For those skilled at EZ Horse Betting, the Breeders’ Cup is an exciting time. There is money to be made betting on the menu of races held during these two days. If you want to take advantage of these betting opportunities, the first step is to create an account with an online racebook. We recommend that that you check out this one.

There are a few things your racebook should offer if you want to bet the Breeders’ Cup successfully. First, you need to have access to the Del Mar racetrack. Del Mar is one of the most famous tracks in America so you should find it available at all racebooks. Your racebook will likely have a special feed set up for Breeders’ Cup day so that you can find it easily when you log in to your account.

An online racebook will also provide you with free past performances if you have made a qualifying deposit. Sometimes this deposit amount can be as little as $10. The PPs you receive for the Breeders’ Cup will most likely come from Brisnet. They will include running lines and speed figures. You can use these PPs to evaluate the horses in each race and make your betting selections.

It can also be helpful to have race replays at your disposal. By watching replays of races you may be able to identify which horses have had the most recent success. Race replays can also give you insight into a horse’s weaknesses.

Finally, all you need to bet the Breeders’ Cup is a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The racebook we recommend is available on all of these platforms. If you happen to be visiting a track where the Breeders’ Cup races are streamed live, just take along your device and you can avoid the long lines at the betting windows by betting the horse races online.

How to Bet the Breeders’ Cup

Your racebook will have a full menu of betting options which include straight wagers as well as exotic bets. While straight Win, Place, and Show betting is fine for most events, what you really want to focus on during the world championships are exotic wagers. The Pick Six, Pick Three, and Pick Four are popular choices because they give you an opportunity to win a lot of money for a small investment.

By far, the Pick Six is one of the most popular bets during the Breeders’ Cup. This bet will be offered on both days of the event and requires you to pick the winner of six consecutive races. On the final day, the Breeders’ Cup Classic will typically be the final race in the Pick Six sequence. Make no mistake, this is a hard bet to win because the races are so very competitive. If you are going to try it, there are a few strategies you can use to maximize your chances.

The one thing you do not want to do is try to select a single horse in each race. This increases the difficulty level by leaps and bounds. A far better way to play the bet is to select one or two key horses and build your ticket around them. In the other races you can spread out or pick more than one horse. Here’s an example of how this works.

Let’s say that the Pick Six races include races 1-6. You have identified horses in races 3 and 5 which look very promising. These horses will be your single choices. That leaves races 1, 2, 4, and 6 for you to spread out and choose more than one selection. How many horses you can use in each of the other races depends on the size of your bankroll. To calculate the amount of your ticket, you need to multiply the number of horses used in each race and then multiply this result by your single ticket cost. The base unit will be a ticket of $1:

Race 1—2 horses chosen to win

Race 2—2 horses chosen to win

Race 3—1 horse chosen to win

Race 4—3 horses chosen to win

Race 5—1 horse chosen to win

Race 6—2 horses chosen to win

2 X 2 X 1 X 3 X 1 X 2 = 24

24 X $1.00 = $24

Total Ticket Cost = $24

The reason this ticket will cost you $24 is that it actually is 24 $1 tickets instead of one. When you bet at an online racebook your betting confirmation will only show one bet but you are really making 24 separate bets. This is called using a part wheel.

To win the bet, a horse you have selected to win the race must finish first in each of the events. So, in race one you have chosen two horses as potential winners. One of these two must win the race. In races three and five you have chosen a single horse to win. There is no room for error in these races. The horse you chose must finish first or your ticket is dead.

Sometimes, a Pick Six will pay a minor award to those who correctly select five winners if no one picks all six. This will not happen on Breeders’ Cup day. Someone will pick all six because many syndicates choose to play this bet. A syndicate is a group of bettors who have pooled their money together in order to obtain a large number of tickets. They can cover many combinations of winners.

Pick 3 and Pick 4 wagers work on the same premise. Because their level of difficulty is much lower, the return is also lower. In the Pick Six, the level of difficulty makes it a bet with a rich payoff. It is almost always four figures and can easily be five or six. It is even possible to win more than a million dollars with a Pick Six bet.

Betting the Breeders’ Cup Classic and other Single Races

EZ Horse Betting recommends that you tackle the BC Classic and other single events by trying exotic wagers. You should focus on Exacta, Trifecta, and Superfecta wagers instead of single Win, Place, or Show bets. The reason for this is that they simply do not return enough value because dominant horses are priced at low odds.

For example, the Breeders’ Cup Classic in 2017 promises a match up between Gun Runner and Arrogate, two of the most successful horses competing today. Both of these horses will have a short price of perhaps 2-1 when the race begins. What you are better off doing is using these two horses as part of your Trifecta or Superfecta bet. Place them in the first two spots and identify horses which could  run third or fourth behind them.

Your 2017 Breeders’ Cup Bankroll

Obviously, the more money you have to bet the greater your opportunities. It would be wise to have a minimum of $50 available for each of the two days if you want to give yourself a good chance. Of course, you should use only discretionary funds for betting and never use money that has been allocated for bills and other responsibilities.

Did you know that some racebooks offer special Breeders’ Cup promotions like a free bet or free money? You should check with your racebook to determine which bonuses are available and take advantage of them. There may be special requirements for the bonus as well, so be sure to check the terms and conditions. Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review.

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