U.S. States You may have noticed that some horse racing circuits in the United States seem to offer up better horse betting opportunities than others. Kentucky, Florida, and New York seem to be the states that many professional horse bettors call home. We’ve put together a list of five reasons why horse betting is better in Kentucky, Florida, and New York.

The Horse Racing Betting Pools are Larger

The horse racing circuits in Kentucky, Florida, and New York are the most popular ones in the US. This means that they attract a lot of attention from bettors. More bettors means having much larger wagering pools available. When there is more money in the betting pool, the potential return on every winning horse grows.

This is the beauty of parimutuel wagering. The term literally means betting among ourselves, and that is why horse racing is legal in so many states. All the bets made at the race track or at your favorite online horse betting sitesย go into a pool. The winners are paid from that pool. The whole system is very effective because it automatically creates the odds offered on each horse in a race.

Some horse racing betting pools in these states can grow to astronomical proportions. Florida has seen a few Pick 6 jackpots that have exceeded $1 million. If you want to win the big money in horse racing, you have to go to the big racing circuits.

The Competition is Stronger

Horse racing is a competitive sport. Bettors are also competing with one another to win money at the track. Horse racing in New York, Florida, and Kentucky is more competitive all around. The horses and jockeys are more talented, the horse trainers and handicappers more skilled. All these factors create a good betting environment.


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You can get better odds on horses when races are more competitive. The reason for this is that bettors have a more difficult time picking winners. That drives up the odds on horses, and it means more longshot horses win races.

Of course, when you are competing against other handicappers and horse players that have better information and more skills, you will need to up your game. Making horse bets on a stronger horse racing circuit has the ability to make you a better handicapper.

Year-Round Horse Betting Opportunities

If you were to only make bets on horse races that are held in Florida, Kentucky, or New York, you would have an opportunity to watch and wager year-round. These states run horse racing throughout the year. You can bet on every day except for Christmas.

Now, you probably do not live in an area where you are able to visit horse racing tracks in all of the aforementioned states. If so, you are lucky. But you don’t have to even leave home for New York, Kentucky, and Florida horse betting. All you need is an online racebook account.

Online racebooks like AmWager have changed the way we bet on horse racing. You can access more than 400 race tracks across the world with your computer, phone, or tablet. You can also watch the races from your device, and access free betting tools. Some online racebooks that we recommend will even give you free bonus money to get started.

Bigger Horse Racing Events

Some of the biggest horse racing events in the United States are held each year in Kentucky, Florida, and New York. These include jewels of the Triple Crown such as the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes, and prep races like the Florida Derby.

The thing about big horse racing events is that they attract a lot of bettors. Again, more bettors means that there will be larger betting pools to take advantage of on race day. The big races also attract the most talented athletes. Harder races mean bigger payouts.

On many of the big racing days in the United States tracks will also offer special betting pools. These can include Pick 6 and other pools that grow very large. It is not unheard of for these pools to pay six figures to the lucky winning bettors who nail them.

Access to More Horse Betting Information

There also seems to be a greater focus on these horse racing circuits, and that means more betting information can be available to bettors. When it comes to horse racing, knowledge is indeed power. You will only achieve an edge over your fellow bettors when you have more information and knowledge.

Accessing race replays and past performances may be easier when you are sticking to the big tracks in Florida, New York, and California. There are also specialty services like Thorograph which tend to focus on these much larger horse racing tracks.

Did you know that many online racebooks will be happy to provide you with free handicapping tools? That’s just another perk of using online racebooks for your betting.

The Way You Should Be Betting at Horse Racing Tracks in Florida, New York, and Kentucky

We’ve hinted at this several times in this article. Your best solution for betting horse races at all of these tracks is to do it with an online racebook. You will never have to leave home. Everything you could want is in the palm of your hand.

In the past you would have had to use an off-track betting parlor to get all of the same benefits that you are able to get today with an online racebook. Many of our EZ Horse Betting readers have told us that that are able to enjoy horse racing betting more fully with a mobile betting app.

It just isn’t practical for most handicappers to make trips across the country, and with an online racebook you don’t have to. You’ll save money in other ways, too. Gulfstream Park, Belmont Park, and Churchill Downs are just a few of the US horse racing tracks found in the states of Florida, New York, and Kentucky.

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