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Some of the most exciting wagering options can be found when you create an account with a racebook and learn to bet horses online. This is especially true if your chosen racebook offers access to international horse racing in Australia, Japan, and the UK. One of the most popular wagers in Australia is known as Best of the Best Betting. EZ Horse Betting has the information you need to understand this bet and how to win.

What is Best of the Best Betting?

Successful handicappers are always concerned with price. This term is used to describe the odds you receive on a horse when you bet the horse to win. If a horse has high odds you will hear handicappers call that a good price. To show a consistent profit on your racetrack bets, you need to pick horses with the best price.


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In America, the odds of a horse vary in the moments leading up to the race. A horse can open on the tote board at odds of 10-1, but by the time the race begins the odds on that horse may have dropped to 3-1. This can be discouraging to a bettor. As horses take more money in wagers, their odds drop. Many times the public will see the odds dropping and conclude that they should bet on the horse. This causes the odds to drop even farther.

Best of the Best betting, also known as BOB, allows a bettor to lock in the best price on a horse. The bettor can choose from the top fluctuation or the best price of three tote boards. A BOB bet must be placed before the betting ring opens at an Australian racetrack. This involves some additional risk. You do not have the benefit of watching the tote board and waiting until the last moment to make your wager.

The advantage of this bet is that you are guaranteeing you will receive the highest odds on your selection. The price you receive may be high or low, but it will always be the best price. Imagine if you had been able to secure the best price on America’s most recent Triple Crown champion, American Pharoah. Instead of receiving less than 3-1 odds on this champion in the Kentucky Derby, you might have been able to get 4-1 or better with a BOB wager.

Horse Racing Bets are an Investment

Winning consistently at the racetrack is not that different from making winning stock trades or investing in something that offers interest or a guaranteed rate of return. You must make more winning trades than losing ones to make a profit or you must seek out the investments which yield the highest returns. If you have a choice between a bank account that offers 1.00% interest or one that offers 5.00%, you will choose the latter. The same is true with professional handicappers.

Every horse racing bet that you make is essentially an investment in a horse for a short period of time. You are leasing the horse while it competes in the hopes that you will share in its success. Therefore, getting the best price or return on your investment is the key to long-term profits.

Fans of EZ Horse Betting can appreciate Best of the Best betting because it simplifies the process of guaranteeing the best return on an investment. You can make the best with assurances that your odds will not be less than they would in the best case scenario.

Best of the Best Betting in the U.S.

In the United States there is no BOB offered at American tracks. But you can still find it in the betting menus of American racebooks which permit wagering on Australian events. The reason for this is that Australian racing still relies on bookmakers or bookies to drive its wagering. Tracks contain a โ€œbetting ringโ€ which is essentially where the bookmakers set up shop. They may compete with one another to entice bettors. This is why the odds can vary from bookie to bookie.

In the United States, all bets are centralized through one tote board system. This system handles the bets on the track as well as the bets offtrack. In other words, it doesn’t matter where you place your bet. If you make it at the track or use an online horse betting site, the bet is processed through the same betting pool and reflected on the tote board.

Many years ago there were indeed bookies who offered racing bets in America. In that era you could shop around to find the bookie who was willing to give you the highest odds. The age of simulcast racing changed all that. Simulcasting allowed each racetrack to broadcast a live feed of their events to other racetracks and permitted bettors in New York to make wagers on races in California.

Simulcasting also opened the door to online betting. Your online racebook also has access to the simulcast feeds from other tracks, and bets made online are placed right into the track pool. A bettor in the past may have only had access to a few local tracks, but today a U.S. bettor can watch and wager from home in the middle of the night on racing in Australia if they choose.

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