Pick Your Own Field Betting

Australian horse racing offers some of the most exciting live action to be found at numerous online racebooks. It also offers an entire menu of betting options which are unique to the country. Some of these exotic wagers resemble American bets, but others will be unfamiliar to the U.S. racing fan. Such is the case with Pick Your Own Field Betting.


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What is Pick Your Own Field Betting?

Imagine if you could eliminate any horse you wanted from any given race. You could choose to eliminate the favorite’s strongest competition and leave only weaker horses to compete in a contest where they are outmatched. This would simplify the handicapping process a great deal.

The online bookmaker Centrebet has developed Pick Your Own Field Betting which allows you to do exactly that. You can choose to reorder the field to your liking. You can reduce a 10-horse race to a race with just five horses or even just two! It can be much easier to decide between two horses than it can to decide between nine or ten.

One of the requirements for this type of bet is that you must select a winner from the remaining horses in the race. You cannot bet to place or show. If you narrow down the field to just four runners, you must correctly identify the winner of the race from those four. The horse you select must also finish in the top four of all runners in order for you to collect the bet. If none of the horses from your reduced field finish in the top four, the bet is void and a refund is issued.

Odds are adjusted when you adjust the size of your field. You will receive a lower price the more horses you omit from your ticket.

How to Bet Pick Your Own Field

At the present time, Centrebet is the only online bookmaker which offers Pick Your Own Field betting. You must have an account with this bookmaker to use the bet on Australian racing. When you log into the platform you will be give an option to select the bet type. Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

The first step is to select the horses you wish to include in your customized field. After this has been done you will then select the winner from your customize field. The odds will be adjusted based on the size of the field you select.

All that remains is to watch the live feed of the race and see if you have made a winning wager. Hopefully you have used the knowledge that you have gained from EZ Horse Betting and designed a winning ticket. Your efforts could create a huge payday for you.

Why is This Bet not Available at United States Racebooks?

The reason you cannot make the Pick Your Own Field bet in the United States is that no American tracks offer this exciting wager. In time, however, U.S. tracks may come to adopt it or develop a similar type of wager.

One experiment that has been tried in the U.S. on a small scale is the concept of a betting exchange which is somewhat similar to Pick Your Own Field. A betting exchange allows bettors to accept bets from other bettors individually, essentially allowing you to become your own bookie. In this type of scenario it is even plausible for you to bet a horse to lose instead of to win. There have been some legal challenges raised against betting exchanges in the U.S., but each day America seems to be moving close to many forms of online gambling.

In the meantime you can capitalize on the fun and excitement of betting online when you create an account with a racebook recommended by EZ Horse Betting. It only takes a few moments to sign up and you’ll be given a nice horse racing welcome bonus in addition to free past performances as well as access to a large library of race replays.

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