Betting Fitness in Horse Racing

Mastering the art of EZ Horse Betting involves a lot of factors. One of the most important is being able to recognize when a horse has an appropriate fitness level. Just like any athlete, the professional racehorse must maintain a high level of physical fitness. Sometimes, the mere act of being in good condition can be enough to help a horse win a race.


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How Do Horses Become Fit for Racing?

Horses become fit for racing through rigorous training sessions. These sessions occur during the early morning hours on the racetrack and are usually only witnessed by those who work in the racing industry. Training sessions can include walking, galloping, and working. Of the three, working is the one a handicapper should be the most concerned with.

A workout is a timed work which is carried out in public. These workouts are timed by officials on the racetrack so that the workout times can be published in the Daily Racing Form. Horses are required to have a number of public workouts on their tab before they are permitted to race.

The trick where workouts are concerned is that not everything is always what it seems to be. You have to learn to read between the lines if you really want to assess fitness in horse racing as a betting factor.

Reading Horse Racing Workouts

When many people evaluate workouts for the purposes of picking horse racing winner, they focus on speed. While it can be exciting to see a horse that has posted a bullet (the fastest work of the day at a given distance), the speed of workouts can be misleading.

For starters, the clockers at a racetrack have a very difficult job. They must literally time every workout  that takes place during the morning. Clockers are human and prone to error. There are literally hundreds of horses which workout during a week and the fact is that workout times should be taken with a grain of salt.

Far more important in the assessment of fitness is a consistent workout pattern. If a horse has been working out once a week then you want to see that pattern continued. If there is a break in the pattern this could indicate a health issue.

Another thing that you want to look for is recency. It is comforting to see that a horse has worked out within 10 days or so of its race today. If the horse shows no workout for a month, this can be a red flag. It can mean that the horse is not fit enough to be competitive in its race today.

Finally, you would like to see that a horse has at least one recent work that is longer than the distance it will run today. This can be overlooked if the race is a route distance because few trainers are willing to work their horse for a mile. Still, if you see a horse has posted a 7 furlong workout at a respectable time and is going six furlongs today, this may be time to make a bet. You know the horse can get the distance because he has proven it in a workout.

Assessing Fitness From Recent Races

Another way that you may be able to assess a horse’s fitness level is by looking at how it performed in recent races. If the horse has been running seconds or thirds and its recent races happened within the previous month, this horse may be ready to win today. One of the tried and true angles of horse racing is the horse which is returning from a layoff and has two good finishes preceding the race today. This can mean a horse has worked itself into fitness and is ready to win.

If the horse you are considering for a bet today has finished poorly in its most recent races, there is little hope that it will produce a miracle effort today. Either the horse is being entered in races where it cannot compete or it is not fit.

Can Horses Be Raced Into Shape?

Some trainers may be attempting to train their horses on a farm where they have no track or oval. Other trainers may not be training the horses at all and simply using races to get them fit. A telltale sign of this is that the horse in question will have many races within a short period of time.

The best trainers in horse racing would never adopt this strategy. It is poor management of a horse’s welfare to try and race them into shape. Doing so can fatigue the horse and risk injury. Horses need to be exercised properly if they wish to succeed.

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