Jason ServisThe world of thoroughbred horse racing is no stranger to controversy. There have been incidents of race fixing and other violations. Perhaps the most serious issue that currently troubles horse racing is the use of illegal medications. Jason Servis rose to fame by training Maximum Security. His fame did not last long. Servis was ultimately indicted for using prohibited substances and arrested. Here’s a look at his story.

Jason Servis Struggles to Become a Winning Horse Trainer

Many horse trainers of thoroughbred race horses will tell you that it can take years to reach the highest levels of the sport. Such was the case for Jason Servis. The brother of John Servis, the trainer of Smarty Jones, Jason immediately discovered that training winners at the race track is far from easy.

Still, Servis did not do bad for a new trainer. He was able to reach seven-figure earnings from his horses in 2004, just three years after taking out his license. Not many trainers can say that. With the early success came better horses from better owners. That led to more wins. By the time 2013 had rolled around, Jason Servis had earned a personal best of $3.4 million in purse earnings for the year.

He won his first graded stakes race in 2008 with American Border. The accomplishment only added to the respect Servis’ stable was starting to get, but there were also whispers on the backstretch. Some claimed that Servis was giving his horses additional help in the form of illegal medications. Servis was quick to deny the charges when he was questioned by industry officials or the press.

Then, Servis was given the opportunity of a lifetime. He blew it.

Maximum Security Comes to the Jason Servis Barn

Gary and Mary West took a chance on Servis and decided to send him their colt, Maximum Security. The breeding on the colt looked promising. After a win in the Florida Derby, Maximum Security seemed to be firmly placed on the Kentucky Derby trail.

When Jason Servis and his entourage arrived in Kentucky with Maximum Security, the whispers started again. There were those who weren’t convinced that the colt was as talented as he seemed. They were further doubtful that a trainer that had primarily made his living working on the small circuits could condition a horse for the Kentucky Derby.

The federal authorities had Servis on their radar and were starting to put the pieces together. While investigations were underway, Maximum Security soared to a win in the Kentucky Derby only to be disqualified for interference. Maximum Security and Jason Servis became the first horse and trainer to win and lose the Kentucky Derby on the same day.

Servis and the Wests decided not to run Maximum Security in the Preakness or Belmont Stakes. They had other stakes races in mind. One of these was the inaugural running of the Saudi Cup in early 2020. It was billed as the richest horse race in the world with a purse of $20 million. Maximum Security won the race, but the celebration came to a screeching halt in March 2020 when Jason Servis was indicted on federal charges.

Jason Servis Gets Arrested

Servis was named among other in 27 indictments handed down in New York for the use of PEDs and other banned substances in horse racing. The men indicted were arrested and subsequently posted bail. Gary and Mary West were prompt to act, removing Maximum Security from the barn of Jason Servis. The horse was sent to the barn of Bob Baffert.

As of March 2021, the case of Jason Servis was still pending before the courts. Others charged in the scandal have been sentenced, with one individual receiving one year in federal prison. Regardless, the career of Servis has likely been damaged beyond repair.

The Problem of Drugging in Horse Racing

It would be unfair to say that Jason Servis is alone when it comes to breaking the rules in horse racing. The issue of illegal medications has long been a thorn in the side of the sport. Servis found himself in the unfortunate position of being caught.

Maximum Security was among the horses alleged to have been doped. Anyone can see how this can pose a problem. If this was the case, did the illegal medicines help the horse win the Saudi Cup? That would be grounds for other trainers to claim foul and strip the horse of the honor, and of the purse earnings.

What about the bettors who wagered other horses in the Saudi Cup? Should they be refunded their losing wagers. You can soon understand that illegal medications open up an entire world of problems for horse racing.

The racing world will soon find out what will happen to Jason Servis. In the meantime, Maximum Security is still being trained to compete by Bob Baffert. Their stories continue.


At EZ Horse Betting we believe it is our responsibility to be accurate and fair in the news we report. This update on horse racing trainer Jason Servis is provided in an effort to give our readers the most current information.

No article in the history of our website has generated such passionate feedback from readers. Clearly, there are people on both sides of the issue. EZ Horse Betting stands by the points made in the original article, but we also realize that the article may have been somewhat unfair to Jason Servis as the legal proceedings continue.

To be clear, Jason Servis is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law according to the laws of the United States. Mr. Servis has remained steadfast in his denial of wrongdoing. The allegations against Jason Servis are just that…allegations…until a judge decides otherwise.

Jason Servis Horse Racing Trial Postponed Until Early 2023

According to the Bloodhorse,Β  the federal trial of horse racing trainer Jason Servis has been postponed until at least early 2023. The charges against Servis stem from incidents involving the use of illegal medications. Servis was named along with more than 24 other horse racing trainers in a probe by the federal government.

The original allegations against Jason Servis led to the trainer’s arrest following an indictment in march 2020. At the time, Servis was the trainer of Maximum Security. The owners of Maximum Security subsequently chose to move the horse to the care of another trainer.

EZ Horse Betting is closely monitoring the proceedings against Jason Servis and will provide further updates as necessary.

5 comments on “Jason Servis – Horse Trainer

  • trent jones

    Race horse horse Trainer Jason Servis is a Good man he has a Heart of Gold not matter what is said about him people MUST 100% KNOW that Jason Servis is a good man and does Not Deserve what has and is happening to him people Must Understand that Horse racing Industry all over the world is a Very very Brutal industry to be in and a Good Honest Person as Jason Servis Needs to be Respected and people horse racing only do the very very best they can with what horses they have.
    as I have spent 22 years in this industry and I can tell you that every trainer can only train the horses they have and that is what Jason Servis did is his 100% honest Best to make a living out of a Brutal Industry and People need to understand that and have so much more Respect for Jason Servis than what they do as he as don absolutely Don Nothing to hurt the horses or people as he is a good Hones man and people Must Understand and Respect him more then what they do . as people should try to be in horse racing as many would get a rude shock and would last 5 second in horse racing if they where lucky
    Jason Serivs will all ways be a good man and pole must see that and show 100% Respect to wards him then they do .

    • admin

      Thank you for your comments on the ongoing proceedings against thoroughbred horse trainer, Jason Servis. We respect your opinion on Mr. Servis. As you know, this case is still playing out in the courts. As an established horse racing website, EZ Horse Betting is expected to provide news and analysis of the sport. We stand by our reporting on the accusations against Jason Servis, but stand ready to make any corrections required once the matter has been resolved. We also must provide our opinion from time to time, and in this case we have given a mild rebuke to all trainers who illegally use medication on race day. It should be noted that in recent developments the attorneys for Mr. Servis have sought to have information collected from wiretaps disallowed from evidence. Our team is closely watching the outcome of the trial, and we want to thank you for being a reader.

  • trent Jones

    it is about time you left Mr Jason Servis alone he is a good and kind gental man and does not desurv they way you Ideiots treat him

  • steve Vicera

    Dear Mr. Jones;
    On 6/27/2022 do you still hold the same opinion of Jason Servis. People may have good intentions but some are owned by pure greed. Thats all it is. Money is their God and they got what they deserve. Wire taps, Guilty pleas, federal investigations. His partner in crime Jorge Navarro on the phone with Servis talking about the stuff they shoot these horses with. If thats not Animal Cruelty, these horses have no choice about doping, and they die because of it. And shame on you Mr. Jones. Your almost as guitly as Navarro and Servis.

  • Trent s Jones

    Yes I do and I all ways will hold the Same opion of Jason Servis you have no Understanding of how tough horse racing really is and if you did you would not be horoball as you are to Jason Servis and understand that he has Not been found Guilty it is only you journalists who don’t know what you are talking about who are making him guilty when he has not and write whatever you want just to sell Magazines even been tried as yet if I was as Gulty as they are I would not have any Understanding of racing as I do .
    you should be ashamed of yourself because you have no Understanding of how tough horse racing is so it is you who should be ashamed of them self’s and No else’s so it is not me is guilty as they are it is you lot for having No Understanding how tough it is to make a living in the world of Horses racing when I have the last 23 years in the Industry and have more understanding of what Jason Servis went through more then you ever will and still respect him and know he is a good .


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