Racing Horse Betting In Australia

Some of the most exciting racing horse betting in the world takes place in Australia. The continent is filled with historic race tracks and contests legendary races like the Melbourne Cup. EZ Horse Betting believes that there are many opportunities for online horse bettors to make money with Australian racing. Here are some important things that you should know.


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One of Australia’s Most Popular Activities

Racing horse betting is one of the most popular pastimes in Australia. About A$14.3 billion gets bet by racegoers each year. This amount include the money that is wagered with bookmakers on the track as well as money that is bet with online racebooks. There are two types of racing betting events. Flat races take place on a standard track and jumping events include fences that horses navigate throughout the running of the race.

Australians love to attend live racing in person. Horse racing is the third most-popular spectator sport in Australia behind Australian rules football and rugby. Some racing events in Australia are so popular that the local businesses close so that workers can watch events like the Melbourne Cup. What this means for the person who bets is that the pools in these races can be very large. Larger pools mean better odds and the chance to win more money at the races.

The history of horse racing in Australia goes back to the European settlement. It has grown into a vast national enterprise with many people on the continent employed by the horse racing industry. There are trainers, jockeys, grooms, and other personnel like farriers and even saddle makers that depend on horse racing to make their living.

How Betting on Horses Happens in Australia

Those who are new to racing horse betting in Australia will probably be surprised at the way betting is handled on the Australian race tracks. When one arrives at a place like Flemington Race Course they will be greeted with colorful banners of various bookmakers. These bookmakers are lined up along the edge of the racing apron where they accept bets from the patrons.

Bookmakers have long been a staple of betting here. For a very long time this was the only way that one could make a bet in Australia. It can be a profitable way to bet the horses because the player can negotiate for the best odds on each horse. Bookies have to compete for business and that makes them more likely to bargain with bettors.

When a player makes a bet with a bookie in Australia they first agree on the odds they are willing to accept on one or more horses. Then the player decides which type of bet they would like to make. The final step is to pay the bookie the money for the bet and collect a betting slip. Once the race is over the patron can return to collect their winnings if the bet is a success. Some bookies will even offer frequent players a line of credit that can be used to make bets.

In recent years the bookmaker has been joined by tote board betting. This is the same type of betting that is most often offered in the United States. Tote boards are used to track parimutuel betting on horses. The betting public makes bets which are then reflected on the huge tote board beside the track. This board displays the odds on each horse that have been determined by the bettors.

Either form of racing horse betting can be profitable in Australia, but EZ Horse Betting is especially fond of online racebooks for wagering on these exciting races.

Online Racing Horse Betting in Australia

The digital age is a wonderful one for the bettor. With just a mobile phone the bettor of today can have access to race tracks in America, Hong Kong, Australia, and many other places. There are even online racebooks that will allow individuals to make bets with Bitcoin. We sure have come a long way since the days of paying a kid to run a bet down to the local track or betting with some shady underworld bookie in a bar.

Most online racebooks offer bets on the tracks in Australia. This is especially beneficial for the bettor in the United States. Many handicappers in the US like to stay up late and bet on races at Flemington. TVG, the most popular racing network in the world, often broadcasts these races live. There can be some huge advantages to betting with an online racebook.

Many racebooks will give you a nice welcome bonus when you sign up and make your first wagering deposit. Others will give you free bets and entries into handicapping tournaments when you play regularly. Still others will provide access to free past performances and race replays. All of these things can be a great help in your racing horse betting.

Secrets of Winning Horse Bets in Australia

Okay, the truth is that there really is no secret to winning horse racing bets in any location. Success takes work. You need to learn how to handicap, how to manage money, and watch lots and lots of races. But there are some things to remember about Australian betting that can sure give you an edge.

First of all, the majority of races in Australia are conducted on the grass. This type of racing surface presents its own unique handicapping challenges. The pacing of these races are different and longshot winners are not uncommon.

We would recommend that you begin your experience by watching as much turf racing as possible. All of the tracks in the United States have grass racing on a daily basis. You can also watch races in the UK and Japan which are also conducted on grass to get a feel for how these races are won.

Another thing that you can do is begin to give serious consideration to pedigree in your handicapping. A pedigree is the lineage of a horse. Horses with sires and dams that showed talent on grass surfaces often go on to repeat the success of their parents. Just remember that this is not the case 100% of the time. Your brother may be a great golfer while you have trouble hitting the ball. Overall, though, pedigree is a good indicator of the potential abilities of a horse.

When you bet the races in Australia you should also focus on the big events like the Melbourne Cup Racing Carnival. These events are filled with competitive races that draw big betting interest. When more money is bet into a horse racing pool there is more money there for you to win. You’ll also be able to get better odds on the horses that you choose to bet on.

We hope that racing horse betting in Australia is profitable for you! Give it a try today by signing up with one of our preferred online racebooks. See our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!



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