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At EZ Horse Betting we think one of the best choices that you can make is to bet horses online. There are opportunities for you to make bets day and night when you bet with an online racebook. The trick is to find the best online horse betting, and that is where we are able to help.

Online racebooks can vary in terms of reputation, quality, and many other factors. We evaluate all of those factors, and here is look at our own process for finding the best online racebooks.

All Racebooks Are Not Equal

There are many online racebooks that you can choose from. Too many, in fact. As soon as you begin researching them to see which one might work for you, the differences may surprise you. Some online racebooks do a good job of providing betting platforms. Others are not that reliable. Still others are outright scams.


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The best way to choose your online racebook is to consider the reviews that we have written. This will save you time and effort. We understand that some player want to do this research on their own. For them, here is a list of the factors that we take into consideration when ranking sites for online horse racing betting.

Online Racebook Reputation

The most important factor is an online racebook’s reputation. We will tell you right now that some of the biggest names in horse racing have the worst reputation for online horse betting. We’re not going to out them here, but if you check our online racebook review page you will see who they are.

If an online racebook has a reputation for misleading or mistreating bettors, stay away. You could be next. The only racebooks that you should choose to bet with are those that pass the reputation test. Look for any complaints that have been posted online. More importantly, look for how those complaints were addressed and resolved.

Bonus Offers for Horse Racing Bettors

The best online horse betting sites are those which offer nice bonuses for new players. Most horse racing betting bonuses come in two types. There is a matching deposit bonus and a no-deposit bonus. Some online racebooks offer free wagers instead of a bonus.

We like the matching deposit bonus. This can put a lot of free money in your online horse race betting account. Some racebooks will match your deposit up to 100% of the total amount. You can deposit $500 and receive another $500 free.

There are always terms and conditions, and most frequently a wagering requirement. You should check with the online racebook to see what the current conditions are.

Withdrawals and Deposits

It goes without saying that you should have a large number of deposit and withdrawal options at your disposal. Good online racebooks will allow you to make deposits with credit and debit cards, bank accounts, and e-wallets. Some racebooks today are even allowing players to make deposits with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin horse betting may indeed be the way of the future. Bitcoin allows bettors to make their deposits and withdrawals with a certain amount of anonymity. There is far less of a paper trail created when you use cryptocurrency for horse betting.

The withdrawals at an online racebook should be processed in a timely manner. 24-48 hours is a reasonable time frame. You should also consider the withdrawal limits that may be imposed by a racebook. You don’t want your money to be tied up for a long time if you happen to win a large Pick 6 jackpot.

The Online Horse Racing Betting Menu

The best online horse betting can be found at online racebooks that provide an extensive betting menu. You should be able to make the same horse racing bets online that you are able to make at a live track. This includes straight wagers as well as exactas, trifectas, and other exotic bets.

The betting pools at your chosen online racebook should be tied into the betting pools on the track. You should be able to participate in all the Pick 6 carryovers that are offered. You should also have access to the special bets that are offered on horse racing’s big days.

Why You Should Choose Your Online Racebook Carefully

In closing, it is very important that you choose your online racebook with care. Too many players have signed up with a racebook only to find out later that they have made a poor choice. The news usually comes when a withdrawal is delayed or when there is a customer service issue.

After you have signed up and made your deposit, it is often too late to get help with the issues that you have encountered. You may also find that it is impossible to get your money back if the online racebook that you have chosen is a scam.

Do you want the best online horse betting? We suggest Amwager. You will find a large variety of race tracks available for betting, on-track odds and pools, and reliable withdrawals. Sign up today and start betting with your computer or mobile device.


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