Top 5 Horse Race Betting Strategies To Win More Often

Everyone wants to cash a winning ticket at their favorite online racebook. EZ Horse Betting knows that there are some things you can do in order to win more bets. The frequency with which you win money at horse racing is going to determine whether or not you can sustain a long-term profit. Here are the top 5 horse race betting strategies that will help you win more often.


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1 – Bet More Money on Fewer Races

This might seem like a counter-intuitive strategy for winning more often at horse race betting. How can you win with a greater frequency when you aren’t playing as many races? The answer to that question is that you are probably betting on many races that you have no business playing. Think about it. How many times have you made a last minute bet on a race without having a solid opinion? What you really wanted was action, and action is what you got. A winning ticket, though, is what you need.

By cutting down the number of races that you play you will be able to raise the amount of money you wager on each race. A larger bet means that you’ll be in line for a much bigger payout. This is especially true if you are only betting horses that are offered up at odds of 3-1 or better. Many bettors mistakenly believe that they are obligated to be each and every race on a card. This is not true. Some of the most successful handicappers in the world today may only bet one or two races on a single day.

2 – Use a Horse Race Betting Tip Service

Many successful horse race bettors choose to use a tip service. For a small fee, the bettor can receive daily or weekly racing selections from a professional handicapper. Many of these tipsters have a very good win rate, and this may be a profitable way for you to bet horses online. Betting Gods is recommended by EZ Horse Betting for those who want to explore this strategy.

The advantages of using a horse race betting tip service are numerous. First, you do not have to handicap the races. Some bettors simply do not have time to analyze all of the races each day at different tracks. The second advantage is that the tipsters select races which offer the best chance for a good profit. Many of them will also offer suggestions for how to bet their picks. Finally, you will not be limited to a specific track. This is great for bettors who have access to an online racebook which offers betting on multiple tracks in the United States and abroad.

3 – Bet Exotic Wagers

Another way to increase your chance of making a good profit at horse race betting is to focus exclusively on exotic bets. Winning a Pick Six bet can be like winning the lottery, but it can be almost as hard to win. Other exotic bets include the Pick Three, Pick Four, Superfecta, and Trifecta. Exotic bets are either multi-horse or multi-race wagers. This means that you will be handicapping more than one horse to win a race or series of races.

The reason exotics can improve your profits is that they offer a much greater reward for the extra risk that you are taking. The cost of an exotic bet will generally be higher than that of a straight wager. It only costs $2 to make a straight bet such as win, place, or show. An exotic bet can cost as much as $6 or more for a ticket. You can sometimes lower the cost of an exotic wager by pooling your money together with your handicapping friends. When you win, all of you will share in the profits that are received.

4 – Read Racing Books and Publications

The smart bettor is a winning bettor. At the racetrack knowledge is indeed power. You should take the opportunity to get your hands on classic racing books like those written by Andrew Beyer and others. It should also be a part of your regular routine to read the Daily Racing Form. You will be able to easily find a copy if you live near a live racetrack.

What some bettors don’t realize is that the online racebook they have chosen may also have a blog that offers articles and racing tips. You can also learn a lot from reading EZ Horse Betting. Don’t neglect all of the free resources that you may be able to access online. Some bettors invest in a whole library of racing books, knowing that the angle they are looking for may be found someday in one of them.

5 – Start Betting Horses Online

If you are reading this post then you are probably already betting horse racing online. If not, you should be. Using an online racebook gives you the best access to horse racing around the world. We have recommended several online racebooks for your consideration. You would do well to try some of them out if you want to win more often.

Online racebooks will often provide you with free tools like past performances and race replays. They will usually give you a bonus on your first wagering deposit. Some online racebooks will even give you a rebate on your losing wagers. When you add all these advantages up, your chances of winning more bets is increased. Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!


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