5 Reasons To Bet Australian Horse Racing

We get many emails at EZ Horse Betting from handicappers that love to bet the Australian horse races. This is not surprising. Australia offers some of the most exciting horse racing to be found anywhere in the world. There are also many online racebooks that allow betting on Australian tracks. It isn’t even necessary to leave home if you want to make bets on Australian racing. Just use your computer, phone, or tablet. Here are five reasons to bet Australian horse racing.

1 – Large Fields

One of the great things about Australian horse racing is that many races offer full fields of horses. It is not uncommon to see 13 or 14 horses in a single race. Bettors love these full fields because they offer more opportunities to win big. When there are more competitors the betting public has a harder time picking a favorite. This means longer odds for you and a bigger return when you select the winner.


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The reason that there are so many full fields in Australian racing is because the continent has a large number of active horses. Horse racing is a big industry in Australia. It is an industry that employs tens of thousands of people. The only way to keep all those people working is for trainers to make sure that their horses are properly prepared and ready to race.

2 – Turf Racing

In the United States the average race track will run perhaps two turf races on a single day. In Australia almost all of the races are ran on a grass surface. Once again this means more opportunities for the bettor. Any handicapper will tell you that races on a grass surface are harder to handicap. This is because the running style of the race is much different.

In the US many handicapper use what are known as Beyer Speed Figures to aid in their handicapping. In Australia they have what is known as a Timeform Rating. The thing is, Timeform Ratings and Beyer figures for grass races leave a lot of room for interpretation. Grass races call for a handicapper to really put their best foot forward.

3 – Many Races to Choose From

Did you know that there are more than 400 active race courses in Australia? On any given day of the year there can be literally hundreds of races to bet at your favorite online racebook. With more races to bet you have more opportunities to win. You can also pass races that seem to difficult and wait for a better opportunity to arise.

Of course, to take advantage of all the horse racing that is made available in Australia you will need to create an online racebook account. We recommend Bovada. An online racebook is the only way that you will be able to keep up to date on all the Australian races that are in progress.

4 – Many Stakes Events

In Australia they love stakes racing events. These are called Group I events and they present some of the best horses in the world. Each of these events is a competitive affair that makes it very hard to pick the winner. Because the races are more difficult to handicap there are better odds to be had on the horses that you want to select. This also means that the exotic wagers like doubles and triples will be increased when you make your bets.

Be aware that in Australia there are Group I events almost every week. You can easily find them by doing a search at your online racebook to see which events are coming up. The Melbourne Cup, Cox Plate, and Golden Slipper Stakes are all regarded as Group I events in Australia.

5 – A Wide Variety of Wagers

Just like in the United States you can find many so-called exotic wagers available in Australia. You don’t have to be satisfied with simple win, place, and show wagers. You can choose to make multi-race wagers like a Daily Double or a Pick 6, and you can also make multi-horse bets like the exacta and the trifecta.

The harder the exotic wager is to win, the more money it will pay when you win the bet. With greater risk comes a greater reward. Some of these bets can be very difficult to master. But the hardest of them can often pay six figures or more when you are correct in your selections.

Are you ready to bet the races in Australia? Take a moment and sign up right now for an online racebook account. You could even score a nice welcome bonus when you create your account today.

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