Betting Angeles in Horseracing

There are many different kinds of handicappers. Some of them prefer to handicap speed. Others focus on pace. There are some who prefer to analyze the past running lines and replays of horses. All of these methods can require diligent study in order to implement them successfully and make a profit at EZ Horse Betting.


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There is another kind of bettor who prefers to use betting angles. An angle refers to a specific situation which occurs in horseracing. Angles are popular and can be effective because they represent a situation that is successful with enough frequency that it merits a bet.

Examples of Horseracing Superstitions

There are as many angles as there are horseplayers. They can range from the ludicrous to the reasonable. Some of these angles are little more than superstitions that have been promulgated by occasional visitors to the racetrack. Here are a few of these crude examples:

  • Bet the gray on a rainy day. This one supposes that gray racehorses run better in the rain. The truth is that gray horses fare no better or worse in the rain than horses of other colors.
  • The color of a jockey’s silks. Some novice racegoers like to bet on their favorite color. If they like blue, the horse with blue colors gets their bet. Again, the color of a horse’s racing silks has nothing to do with winning or losing.
  • The horse’s name. Many years ago there was a horse named Hoof Hearted. Say that name very fast and you will realize the humor in the name. It was especially funny to hear the racetrack announcer call the name during the excitement of a race. Hoof Hearted suddenly became Who Farted and the crowd roared with laughter. Many a bet was placed on this horse because of its name. Few tickets were cashed.

Unless you are just out at the track to have a good time, avoid these superstitious plays. They might put a smile on your face, but they will not work enough to make you money.

Legitimate Horseracing Angles

There are some angles in horseracing that can legitimately make you money on a consistent basis. If you read books by Tom Ainslie and others who are well-versed on the subject of handicapping, you will immediately notice that it is very possible for you to create your own betting angles.

Here are some common angles that bettors have used in the past to great success:

  • Betting a horse that is returning to a distance or surface on which he has been successful in the past.
  • Betting a route horse (7F or more) that is running in a sprint today(less than 7F).
  • Betting a horse that ran well in his last race despite difficulties (a slow break, etc).
  • Betting a horse that is changing to a higher percentage rider.
  • Betting a horse that has a powerful trainer/jockey combination.

The list is endless, really, and it is another endorsement for keeping your own notebook of racing records. You can use a handicapping notebook to make notations on various horses and winning angles that you have used in the past.

The Danger of a Horseracing Angle

One problem with horseracing angles is that bettors can become too attached to them and turn them into automatic bets. There is no such thing as an automatic bet at a racetrack. The best you can hope for is that the betting angle you choose to use will work for you a large part of the time.

It is also ill-advised to become too rigid where horseracing angles are concerned. Sometimes, angles work very well when they are combined with other racing maxims. If your angle fits within the context of the four primary factors of handicapping, you may have stumbled upon a very good bet at a nice price.

Angles are fine, but what you really want to see are horses that also measure up in terms of speed, pace, form, and class. If a horse is outstanding in all those areas and still fits the angle you have chosen, run to the windows to make your bet.

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