Bob Baffert Suspended

The 2022 running of the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown picture could look very different than it did in the last decade. The most successful horse trainer of the modern era is under a cloud of suspicion for using illegal medications. Bob Baffert trained the last two Triple Crown winners, but he is currently banned from running in the 2022 Kentucky Derby.

The Fall of Bob Baffert

No trainer has enjoyed as much success as Bob Baffert when it comes to modern horse racing. Baffert trained American Pharoah and Justify, the first Triple Crown winners in 30 years. He also led Medina Spirit to an apparent win in the 2021 Kentucky Derby. What happened after the race began the downfall of Bob Baffert.

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It was determined through routine testing after the race that Medina Spirit tested positive for a banned substance. After months of confirmation and legal proceedings, the tests were upheld and the horse was disqualified from its Kentucky Derby win.

The consequences did not end there. Baffert was summarily banned from racing horses in Kentucky. At the time of this writing appeals are still in process, but it does appear that Baffert will lose his case. In March of 2022, Baffert transferred his horses to other trainers. Some of those horses may appear in the Kentucky Derby.

To be fair, this is not the first instance of Bob Baffert breaking the rules. His Triple Crown winner Justify failed a drug test following the Santa Anita Derby in 2018. According to the Washington Post, racing officials attempted to clear the horse and trainer of any wrongdoing prior to the Kentucky Derby. If Justify did not legitimately win the Santa Anita Derby it is unknown if the horse would have even qualified for the Kentucky Derby.

Other Tracks Follow Suit

As of April 2022, other tracks were taking moves to ban Bob Baffert from running horses. The most significant ban comes from the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore. This is the second leg of the Triple Crown.

On April 4, 2022 the New York Racing Association announced that Baffert was suspended in the state until at least July 2022. The timing is important. The ban will effectively remove Baffert from entering any horses in the final leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes.

With the stroke of a pen, Bob Baffert is being canceled. One can only wonder if measures will ultimately be taken to create an annotation in the record books for his Triple Crown wins. Only time will tell if Bob Baffert is able to recover and regain his place in thoroughbred racing.

The Opinions of Bob Baffert’s Horse Racing Suspension

There has been some difference of opinion where Baffert’s suspension is concerned. Many state racing officials believe the punishments are just. Some of Baffert’s fellow trainers think that the punishments are too severe. Animal rights activists are using the suspension as proof that race horses are mistreated and often goaded into racing when unsound.

Few would disagree that horse racing in America has a problem with the use of illegal medications. The problem has been that there is no single governing body to address the issue. Racing circuits are controlled by individual state commissions. It is up to one state to decide if they will uphold the punishments given in other states.

This gives some trainer a loophole. When they are accused of wrongdoing on one circuit, they just pick up and move to another state where the suspensions are not upheld. Or, in the case of Bob Baffert, they transfer their horses to another trainer. What people don’t realize is that the banned trainer may still be pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Will Bob Baffert Win Another Kentucky Derby or Triple Crown?

Few could have imagined that a trainer like Bob Baffert would not be involved in the 2022 Kentucky Derby. If he were allowed to compete, there is little doubt that Baffert would have had horses in contention. Many owners would be very happy to have the services of Bob Baffert to train their horses.

If the suspension of Bob Baffert is upheld in Kentucky and in many other racing jurisdictions, there is no hope that Baffert will win another Kentucky Derby or other Triple Crown race. It would then be no surprise to see Bob Baffert retire from active competition.

What will not likely happen is that Baffert will move his stable to a small circuit where he is forced to compete with horses of modest talent. Baffert is too used to the big spotlight of horse racing and would not do well to step down to smaller levels of competition.

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