The Dutching System In Horse Racing

What if there were a way to bet the horses at an online racebook and guarantee the same payout no matter which horse you decided to bet on? This is the promise of the Dutching System, a popular betting method that is used primarily in the UK for horse race wagering. To make the system work a bettor must be willing to back multiple horses in a specified manner.

What is the Dutching System?

In this type of betting system the bettor, or punter as they are called in the UK, makes a bet on multiple horses in a single race. The bet is structured in such a way that the bettor is guaranteed to make a profit no matter which of their selections wins. This type of betting is often used in a combination with other types of horse race betting such as hedging, lay betting, and arbitrage betting. It is believed by some that the bet was named after the famous mobster Dutch Schultz.


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The horses that one bettor selects to wager on will all have different odds. The bettor has to work out how much money should be bet on each horse to make a substantial profit. It is a mathematical system of betting that can yield returns when it is done properly. However, the failure of any of the selections to win the race means that the bettor has lost their entire investment.

It can be difficult to make the appropriate calculations for the bettor, and certainly this type of online horse race betting carries a large amount of risk. That risk may be more than the average bettor is willing to bear.

Types of Dutching Horse Race Betting Systems

Although Dutching is complicated enough in its own right, there are multiple variations of the betting method. What they all have in common is that the bettor is required to back more than one selection to win.

Simple Dutching occurs when the bettor places the same stake across all runners. This would obviously only have a chance to work when the odds on each horse were very close to the same. Stakes-Dutching or Set-Amount Dutching restricts the total amount of money bet. So, if a bettor uses $100 in this type of betting they must use the whole amount. Target Dutching is when the bettor sets a particular profit for themselves. They then make the appropriate wagers to cover the costs of the bet on each runner, taking care to make sure that any one of the bets will return a profit.

Why is Dutching so Popular in the UK and Not in the US?

You are not likely to find any racetracks in the US where there is Dutching. Players might attempt this type of wagering on their own, but it would ultimately fail. The reason that the bet works in the UK is that bets on horses in the UK are still taken by bookies at the race track. You can find any number of bookie tents set up on the aprons of popular racetracks in Europe.

For those who like to bet horses in the UK, Dutching is a part of the betting menu just like other bets. As long as the player can find a bookie that is willing to take the bet, the Dutching can proceed. Of course, many bookies have now structured Dutching in such a way that they are almost guaranteed to make a profit while the player is guaranteed to lose.

The Problems with the Dutching System

Even the novice at betting horse could probably see why this system is doomed to failure. It is a little like the Martingale that some players use in roulette. The way that works is that the player doubles up after each loss so that they always either break even or make a small profit. The Martingale has a serious flaw. It does take many losses in a row before the player has hit the table limit and can no longer double up. When that happens, the player is stuck for all that they have lost.

Just like the Martingale, Dutching is possessed of some deadly problems. Let’s begin with the obvious. The bettor must back more than one horse in a given race. Maybe that doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. More horses equals more chances to win, right? Well, look at it this way. Even if you win you still were forced to back three horses that lost. If your opinion on a race is that weak, you shouldn’t be betting the race anyway.

Next, the mathematics of the whole thing are mind-bending. You have to make calculations that would stew the brain of Stephen Hawking. The bookies are happy to make the calculations for you. Sure they are. They are also happy to convince you to spend way more money on your bets than you might have intended.

Also, think about this. Dutching calculations could change by the time you make it to the bookie to place your bet. That means that all your hard work is for nothing. You could make the wrong size stake and not secure a profit, or you could lose the entire stake if none of the horses that you have chosen comes in for the win.

Online Horse Betting as an Alternative to Dutching

There is perhaps a better way for punters in the UK to play horse races. The solution would be to open up an online racebook account. Dutching is not something you will find when you use an online racebook, but you will find plenty of betting opportunities at the best tracks in the UK and abroad. Another great thing about using a racebook to make your horse racing bets is that you don’t have to deal with the bookies.

EZ Horse Betting has recommended several racebooks that will be of interest to players in the UK. Some of them even accept Bitcoin as a form of deposit. All of them will give you a bonus for creating your online betting account, and many of them will provide free Timeform Ratings and past performances so that you can improve your betting. See our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

Forget about Dutching. It’s a losing system in the long run. They only players that could possibly make it somewhat profitable are those with massive bankrolls.

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