How to win horse race bet in Bitlife

Betting horse races online is usually done at an online racebook. There is also another way. Many games and life simulators like Bitlife include virtual horse racing contests. There are even hacks that can be used to help you win a horse race in Bitlife. All you need to do is pick the horse with the correct name.

Here’s a closer look at Bitlife and how horse racing factors into the game. You might even be able to use the game to learn more about betting horses if you happen to be a beginner.

What is Bitlife?

The game Bitlife is a mobile application that was first introduced in 2018. It is a game for smartphones and tablets. The publisher of the game is Candywriter. The company states that its game is suitable for ages 17 and older.


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Do you remember the old Tamagotchi game that was just pixels on a little handheld egg? You were tasked with raising your Tamagotchi from birth to adulthood. Games like Bitlife are something similar on a larger scale. They are classified as life simulators. In this way, Bitlife is a lot like The Sims video game franchise.

Players create a character and then spend countless hours moving that character through the game while going about simulated activities. One of these activities is gambling. There is an entire casino that you can play within Bitlife. This part of the game also includes a virtual horse racing track.

Horse Racing in Bitlife

One of the areas that players in Bitlife can exlpore is a horse racing track. There is also betting allowed on the virtual horses. The money that players can win during these races can then be used to make purchases within the game.

The graphics and horse racing action are decent enough for a mobile game. You’ll encounter horses draped with a racing cloth, and jockeys of various looks. When the races are being ran the movement of the horses and the jockeys are realistic.

Before each race the player is given the opportunity to make a wager on the horse that they think will win. You can choose your Bitlife horse in any way that you like. There is no real handicapping required when you play this type of horse racing. You pick the horse that carries your favorite number, or you choose one because you like the color of the jockey’s silks.

The rest is all up to luck. A random number generator is used to create the results of each race. Everything is purely a game of chance, but some players of the game discovered a hack that may affect the ability of players to win a horse race in Bitlife.

Is There a Bitlife Horse Racing Hack?

The hack that was discovered by the players of the game was originally posted on Bitlife Reddit. Reddit is a forum where Internet users gather to discuss pretty much anything that you can imagine. It indicates that the name of a horse may cause it to win more often that others.

Three horses win almost all of the races they are entered in:

  • Bitizen
  • Lady Laila
  • Forrest Jump

There is no explanation offered for why these horses win so often, but this is valuable information. Players who bet on these horses are sure to win more often. This will allow them to rack up money that can be used in the game.

Since the introduction of the game there have been various fixes applied to the Bitlife game. Some of these may have addressed the issue of the Bitlife horse racing glitch.

Can You Win Real Horse Races Betting on Horse Names?

Now, if you are betting on horses for real at an online racebook you might want to use more information than a horses name to make your wagers. In fact, betting on a horse’s name will likely lead to losses over time.

Many of the online racebooks that we recommend will give you handicapping tools that you can use to pick winners. These tools are not available for Bitlife because there is no need. The only thing you need to know about how to win a horse race in Bitlife is that the process is all luck.

Tools that you can use to win at an online racebook include past performances and race replays. These tools can be costly when you purchase them from a service. When you sign up for an account with a racebook, they are offered for free. This will save you lots of money.

The advantage of betting horses at one of the online horse betting sites we recommend is that the money you win can be cashed out and spent in the real world. The money you win at horse racing in Bitlife is only good when you spend it in the game. Check our Bovada racebook review, or AmWager review & 5Dimes review for folks anywhere! You can also read other reviews such asย Twinspires review,ย Betamerica review.


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