Which is Better? Sports Betting or Blackjack?

There are many ways to gamble online. Now, with more states making it legal to gamble online in the US it is common to see online casinos and sportsbooks combined. This prompts a question. Which is better? Sports betting or blackjack?

There are advantages to each type of betting. There are also individuals who make a living at both games. Our personal opinion is that blackjack is a better bet. This means that it offers you a lower house edge and a chance to win. Here’s a look at why we like blackjack for serious betting.

Sports Betting Has More Variables Than Blackjack

One of the great things about online blackjack is that the game is governed by specific rules. These rules have a direct affect on the house edge. A house edge refers to the advantage the casino has against you. A higher edge for the house means that you will win less often.

Blackjack games dictate that the dealer must act in a precise way on their hand. The dealer, or house, cannot deviate from these rules. In this way it is possible to arrive at a type of basic blackjack strategy. You can know which decision to make based on each hand that you are dealt.


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In sports betting things are not so simple. There are literally hundreds of variables that have to be considered. Each sport has its own rules. Those rules can be subject to enforcement and interpretation by officials on the field of play. Each sports team is also composed of athletes that are prone to injury. The conditions of sports betting proposition are subject to change at any given moment, even after you have made your bet.

The Conditions of a Sports Bet Can Change

When you make a sports bet at an online sportsbook, there is no guarantee that the conditions you wagered on will remain the same. Let’s take betting on professional football as an example.

You make a wager on a football team with a star quarterback. The team looks to be much better than its opponent, and it is…as long as the quarterback is in the game. Suddenly, in the second half of the game the quarterback is injured. The backup comes in and the team that you have wagered on starts to lose in a big way.

Is there any recourse for you when this happens? None. You cannot go back to the sportsbook and ask for a refund. There are many other examples. What if it begins to rain in the second half of the game? Receivers begin to drop wet footballs and running backs fumble. The conditions of a sports bet are almost endless.

Sports Betting Requires a Larger Bankroll Than Blackjack

If you want to bet sports with an online sportsbook you will need to be prepared to have a very large bankroll. In online blackjack you can sometimes play the game for as little as $1 per hand. That is a smaller risk than you will be taking when making sports bets.

Many online sportsbooks require that you make bets of at least $10 on individual sporting events. Betting in those small amounts is going to mean much longer to realize a substantial profit. You will find that most online sports bettors are playing hundreds of dollars per game.

In online blackjack you can begin with a bankroll that is 50X the table minimum. If you are playing for $1 per hand, you can easily play with $50 and give yourself a chance to win a nice sum of money.

Sports Betting for Less Than Even Money

Depending on the type of sports bet that you may want to make, you will need to accept that some bets may return less than even money. This happens when you make a money line bet on a huge favorite.

If the team that you want to bet on is expected to win, the amount of money that you will receive in return for your wager is less than even money. If you bet $20 on a favorite, you may only receive $18 in return. Receiving less than even money is never a good situation in betting.

When you play online blackjack you are given even money on a win, and you receive 3/2 when you have a blackjack. You also have chances to double your bet when the odds are in your favor.

Blackjack Lets You Increase Your Bet Sometimes

Think about this. What if you could increase the money that you are betting on a team that is winning at halftime? Wouldn’t that be amazing? In blackjack you can do something similar to this with a double down.

When you receive cards at blackjack, most online casinos will now allow you to double down your bet after you have seen those cards and the dealer’s upcard. Now, this does not mean that you should always double the bet. It is simply a nice weapon to have that can give you an advantage over the house.

When Things Go Bad You Can Walk Away From Blackjack

At any time that you feel things have changed at a blackjack game you are playing, all you need to do is walk away. Can you say the same thing when sports betting? No, you are stuck once your bet has been made.

You are really getting more betting opportunities when you play blackjack online. Each hand represents a new opportunity to win. With a sports bet you are locked in after you have made your bet until the outcome of the bet is decided.

Fixing Bets in Sports?

Finally, we have to address something that concerns many bettors? Are sporting events fixed? We are not in a position to answer. What we can say is that manipulating the outcome of a sporting event would probably be easier than trying to manipulate the outcome of a blackjack hand.

There have also been documented incidents when athletes or bettors attempted to fix a sporting event in their favor. The Chicago White Sox World Series scandal is perhaps the most famous instance of something like this happening.

Many bettors want to know that they are being treated fairly. The best way to know that may be to sit down and play blackjack at an online or live casino.

You can decide on your own which game is best for you. Some of the online casinos that we recommend offer both blackjack and sports betting. Be sure to claim your free money bonus when you sign up for an account. If interested in , check our Bovada racebook review, 5dimes, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!


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