Horse racing in the UK is one of the most exciting gambling activities in the world. It is also a glimpse into the colorful world of horse racing and its rich history. Online betting horses UK style also offers punters the chance to win large sums of money at an online racebook, and the betting is open to horse players throughout the world.

Online Betting Horses UK History

It is fair to say that betting horses in the UK today is more advanced than it was in days past. In fact, there was a time when betting on horses in the UK involved wealthy individuals making friendly wagers among themselves on head-to-head horse racing in the UK countryside. This eventually gave way to the larger race tracks, and racing also expanded to become an opportunity for individuals of all income classes.


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At the large race tracks that sprang up in the UK there had to be a way to accept bets from the masses. The best way to take these bets was to allow bookies on the track. The very first large scale horse betting in the UK was facilitated by bookies. What you might not know is that betting with bookies remains popular to this day.

At live race tracks in the UK one will encounter many bookie stalls. These are placed all along the racing apron, and bettors have a choice. The bookies are allowed to compete with one another for the business of the punters. That means that the odds a player receives on a bet can vary from one bookie to another.

But, there is now another way to approach online betting horses UK. The arrival of the online racebook has changed the way many people think about horse racing betting. It has also opened up the excitement of UK horse racing to people in the US and other countries. With online horse betting it is also possible to get tote board odds on the horses that you would like to bet in the UK. Here’s a little bit more about how online horse betting works.

Many Ways to Bet UK Horses Online

A great thing about using an online racebook to bet horses in the UK is the number of betting choices that are available. UK horse racing has always been known for a large variety of horse racing bets. Some of these are complex wager that involve more than 100 bets!

Bets offered on UK online racebook sites include the Yankee, Goliath, Tricast, and more. Each of these bets has its own unique conditions which must be met. When it comes to the exotic wagers like these, using a bookmaking service can still be profitable and advantageous. But, for the basic horse racing bets it is good to use the online racebook.

Online racebooks today offer bettors access to tote board odds. The tote board is known for revolutionizing horse racing betting around the world. Tote board betting is based on the concept of parimutuel wagering. The parimutuel system was created to allow bettors the opportunity to wager among themselves.

Tote board betting in the UK allows for the creation of betting pools. The money that is wagered on horses goes into these pools. The winning bettors then share in pool. All winning bettors are given an equal share of the pool. This money comes from those who have bet into the pool and lost.

With tote board betting the odds on each horse are set by the betting pool. This makes the system a very fair way of offering betting on all of the horses. There is no need to shop around for odds. You are getting the best odds available as determined by the betting public.

From Bookies to Online Racebooks

Online betting horses, UK bettors, and bookies still go hand-in-hand. There is probably a healthy split in the UK among those who prefer to bet with bookies and those who choose to use an online racebook. Each will be quick to point out the advantages of their particular betting method over another.

Bookies create a competitive wagering environment where individuals can “shop” for the best betting deals. It is in the bookie’s best interest to supply the bettor with a good deal because another bookie will try to steal the bettor away. The bookie is also responsible to some degree for the betting exchange wagering concept. We’ll look closer at that in the next section.

We think that online racebooks in the UK offer the bettor the best betting scenario. The odds are always fair, there are more tracks to choose from, and even those in the US can participate in UK online horse betting.

The UK Betting Exchange

Any discussion of betting horses online in the UK must involve the betting exchange. This concept of horse betting is now popular in many parts of the world, but the truth is that it began in the UK with Betfair and other similar online racebooks.

The idea of the betting exchange in the UK is to allow the horse racing punter the ability to become their own bookie. The bettor creates an account with the online betting exchange. They fund that account and then are allowed to offer up odds to other bettors on the exchange. The player on the exchange can also use the service to shop for UK horse betting odds online that are being offered by other punters. In some way, the betting exchange brings together the best aspects of betting with a bookie and betting with an online racebook.

One word of caution is in order before you decide to try your hand at an online betting exchange. You can easily get in over your head if you are not skilled in the art of handicapping horses. You cannot offer odds to others if you have no idea of what the true odds on a horse should be. A betting exchange typically gives you the chance to bet a horse to lose, and some bettors believe that it is easier to pick a horse to lose than it is to pick a horse to win. That may be true, but the betting exchanges are full of sharps who are always looking to take advantage of those who are less informed.

Why Is Online Horse Betting in the UK So Popular?

The popularity of online horse betting in the UK can perhaps be attributed to the overall popularity of the sport itself. Many believe that horse racing was actually born in the UK. That isn’t true, but its designation as the sport of kings can certainly be attributed to the earliest days of horse racing in England. The people of the UK still appreciate the majesty of horse racing, and they give it a reverence and respect that is not often found in other parts of the world.

Much of the attitude toward UK horse racing carries over to betting with online racebooks in the UK. Individuals there will sometimes use their mobile devices to access an online racebook right from the horse racing track. The availability of online horse racing betting has not slowed down the affection for live horse racing.

You can also ask many US horse racing bettors how they feel about betting UK horses online and they will give you an enthusiastic response. Before the arrival of the online racebook in the UK there was no real opportunity for the US bettor to access tracks there. Now, the bettor can watch and wager on the biggest races in the UK right from the comfort of home. The same can be said for racing in Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong.

So, what has the participation of US bettors done for UK horse racing? It has made the racing pools larger, and that means there is more money to be won for the players who like to bet on UK racing. It has also given the US bettor an opportunity to learn about other types of horse racing events such as the Grand National.

Would you like to take advantage of online betting horses UK and online racebooks? You don’t even have to choose an online racebook that is based in the UK to have access to the country’s most popular race courses. We have recommended several online racebooks that are based in the US and other countries. Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere! All of them provide you with a full betting menu for UK horse racing tracks. You can also qualify for large deposit bonuses and other perks when you sign up today.

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