Beginner’s Guide To Uk Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing betting in the UK offers many exciting opportunities for the bettor. This is especially true when you choose to make your bets with an online racebook. You can access all of the important horse racing festivals in the UK with a computer or mobile device at the online racebooks recommended by EZ Horse Betting. Here is a beginner’s guide to UK horse racing betting that will help you get off to a good start.


So Many Unique Horse Racing Bets!

The UK is known for a large number of exotic racing bets. Most of these are not found anywhere else in the world. You will find that most online racebooks make these bets available, but some of the less popular ones will only be found on the live track offered by bookmakers. Having a variety of bets helps people enjoy the game more and also offers bettors the chance to make a large sum of money on a single bet.


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We would recommend that the UK horse racing bettor stick with the basic wagers until they have become familiar with some of the bet types listed below. A bettor might even want to play some of these bets on paper first a few times without risking real money. This type of practice will come in handy when you get ready to do the real thing.

What are Odds in UK Horse Betting?

The way that odds are assigned to horses in UK horse betting is not that different from how it is done in other countries. The primary difference is that on-track odds from bookmakers can be much different from the tote board odds that you will receive at an online racebook. We’ll keep our focus on tote board odds here because most of our readers like to bet horses online.

When you get ready to make your bet you will see that each horse has been given odds based on how many wagers have been made on it. A horse at 1-1 is a horse that will return even money. In other words, if you bet $2 you will receive $2 in winnings plus your original wager when the horse wins. Of course, the total that you receive back will be a little bit less than $2 because of the take-out. The take-out is the amount of money that is withdrawn from every wagering pool to facilitate the purse money given to horsemen and the operation of the track.

The only way to be successful at horse racing betting in the UK or in any other country is to focus your attention on horses that offer good odds. You will not make large sums of money if you are betting horses at 1-1. Many horseplayers refuse to back any horse that is not offered at 3-1 or better.

Now that you understand a little about UK horse racing odds, let’s take a look at some of the different horse racing bets that are available.

The Win Bet

The Win bet is still one of the most popular in horse racing. To make this bet you only need to pick one horse that you think will win the race. You will collect your bet if the horse finishes first. People love this bet because it it simple to make and it is also relatively inexpensive.  

The Each Way Bet

An Each Way bet in the UK is very similar to a Win/Place bet in the United States, with one crucial difference. In many cases a Place bet in the UK pays out if the horse you have chosen finishes third or higher. So, in the Each Way bet you are making two separate wagers. You are making a Win bet and a Place bet of equal amounts. This bet can be useful when you like a horse but feel that it could come up short and fail to win while being a runner-up.

The Tricast

A Tricast is the same as a Trifecta. In this bet you will be required to pick the top three finishers of a race in the exact order they come in. Trifectas are one of the most popular exotic bets. A successful Tricast can pay the bettor four figures in winnings when betting the minimum. They payout you will receive depends on the odds of the horses that you have chosen.

Multiple Bets

Multiple bets are those that involve more than one race or more than one horse. These bets have a much higher degree of difficulty than a simple bet to win. As such, the payouts on the bets are much greater.

The Trixie

The Trixie is a UK horse racing bet that uses three horses in three individual races. It is a group bet than includes three doubles and a treble. You will need at least two of the horses you have chosen to win in order to collect this bet.

The Patent

A Patent is a supercharged version of the Trixie that includes a regular Trixie in addition to three single bets. You will be making seven separate wagers with this bet. Making a Patent is slightly easier than a Trixie because you only need one of your horses to win in order to collect some money. Still, it can be a challenging and expensive bet. You can choose to make the Patent an Each Way bet, but this will double your investment.

The Yankee

The Yankee is a bet that includes four horses. It also requires a total of 11 bets which include doubles and trebles. As you might imagine, this type of bet can become expensive to make. At least two of the four horses you choose to include on your Yankee wager must win in order for you to make money.

The Lucky 15

The Lucky 15 is a type of Yankee wager that also adds in four additional single wagers. You only need one of the four horses that you have included in this wager to win for your returns to be secured. Remember, you are going to be making a total of 15 wagers with this bet so things can become expensive.

The Super Yankee

As you may have noticed, the degree of difficulty on these UK horse racing bets is increasing exponentially as we work our way through the list. Next up is the Super Yankee, a bet that takes the regular Yankee wager to a whole new level. In this bet you will be using five horses in total and making 26 bets which include doubles and trebles. You’ll also add in a fourfold wager to the mix, and two of the horses that you select will need to win for the bet to be profitable. To simplify, these types of bets are requiring you to pick winning horses in several different races.

The Lucky 31

Oh, my! The Lucky 31 is a Super Yankee bet with five single wagers tacked on for a total of 31 bets. If you are beginning to get confused by all of these horse racing bets, don’t feel discouraged. The bets actually become a little bit easier to make as you go along. After a few times betting them you will feel like an old pro.

The Heinz

Does the name of this bet give you a clue as to how many bets you will be making? That’s right. You will need to make a total of 57 bets in this monster UK horse racing bet. You will be using six horses in different races, and you’ll be making combinations of doubles and trebles.

The Lucky 63

The Lucky 63 is a Heinz wager with six single wagers added on. As is the case with some of the other wagers on this list, you actually need fewer of your selected horses to be successful in order to achieve some kind of return on your investment.

The Super Heinz

We are now getting into a range of horse racing wagers that are only for the strong at heart. The Super Heinz is a bet that requires 120 separate bets on seven different horses. When it comes to bets like these, you need to have a massive bankroll in order to capitalize. You also need to be lucky, because winning big on these bets is something like hitting the lottery.

The Goliath

These bets are rarely made but they do indeed exist. A total of 247 bets which include eight horses in eight different races. A mere 50p bet here is going to cost £120. You simply must have a large amount of money to bet with if you want to make these bets. A lot of UK horse bettors would tell you that such a bet is ridiculous. These types of wagers are reserved for the true gamblers, those who like to take a big stab in the dark.

Keep it Simple With UK Horse Racing Bets

We’ve included a list of all these bets so that you can understand the type of wagering action that happens at UK race tracks. This doesn’t mean that we would recommend all of these bets. On the contrary, if you are new to UK horse betting the best thing that you can do is to keep it simple. Stick with Win bets and Each Way wagers until you feel more comfortable with managing your bankroll.

You might also want to think about claiming the free bonus money that is offered by many online racebooks. This source of free capital can be used as you are learning the ins and outs of UK Horse betting. See our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

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