UK Horse Racing Today

Horse racing is a sport that has not evolved much over the decades. The sport is much the same in many regards. Horse still compete with each other to cross the finish line first, and bettors still make wagers on which horse will win. UK horse racing today does have a few differences from years past. Most of these involve the way people choose to bet on the races.

Online Horse Betting in the UK is More Popular

The biggest change in UK horse racing today is the emergence of online racebooks. These racebooks allow bettors to wager from a computer or mobile device for real money. Many handicappers and horse bettors find that this is a more efficient way to bet horses. It also opens up betting on UK horse races to individuals in other parts of the world.


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Online betting is quite a change from the way things have always been done at UK race tracks. The old way was to make bets with a bookie on the track. The bookies were allowed to set their own odds on horses and could compete with one another for business. Bookies are still used in UK racing. The colorful stalls and banners of the bookmakers can be seen from far away on race days. One would have to argue that they are not as popular as they used to be.

The replacement of the bookie in UK horse racing today began when the race tracks in Britain began to allow parimutuel betting with a tote board system like that used in the US. In this type of betting it is the betting public that sets the odds, not the bookmaker. Most people believe that the odds given from the tote board are more accurate representations of a horse’s true chances to win a race.

It is the acceptance of tote board betting that made online UK horse betting possible. The tracks can tie their wagering systems into the platforms of the online racebook so that players are able to participate in the same pools that are offered on the track. This has become very popular with the modern handicapper who now gets to bet tracks all over the world with a single racebook account.

Are the Same Horse Race Bets Available in the UK Today?

While the basic rules of horse racing have not changed that much over the years, betting has undergone many changes. In UK horse racing today you will find many exotic wagers that were not available in the years past. When racing first became a betting sport it was only possible to make bets on a horse to win a race. Now, a horse does not have to win the race for a bettor to cash a ticket and make a profit.

Exotic betting changed the way horseplayers approached the game. They are now taking swings at massive payouts with multi-race wagers. These bets are harder to hit, but they also pay out large rewards. A Pick Six wager can easily pay out six figures or more in winnings when the bettors correctly chooses the winner of six races in a row.

Of course, the old standby bets are still available. Horseplayers can make bets to win or place at the online racebook, and many of them prefer to do just that. They are content to pick a winning horse and make a decent profit. Some of them consider the large exotic wagers to be no different from trying to win the lottery.

How to Win at UK Horse Racing Today

Horse race betting is a game that demands bettors be willing to adapt as the years pass. Handicapping methods that worked many years ago may not work today. When speed figures first emerged, very few bettors had access to them. Today they are available everywhere. That makes the value of the information go down.

In order to pick winners in the UK or other parts of the world it is necessary for you to refine your handicapping approach. You may need to consider factors like pace, trainer patterns, and more. There is no such thing as having too much information when it comes to handicapping. More information gives you an edge. See our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

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