Uk Horse Racing Results

If you have been following EZ Horse Betting you know that we are fans of UK horse racing. Those who like to wager on thoroughbred racing in the UK are often looking for UK horse racing results. The best way to obtain these results is to check your online racebook. We’re going to discuss the importance of race results to your handicapping of horses racing in the UK.

Using Racing Results from the UK

When you make bets at an online racebook, getting results for the UK races is very easy. All that you have to do is open up your account and check the status of your wagering tickets. You will be instantly notified if you tickets have won. You can also pull up the track on which you were betting and see all the UK horse racing results for a specific day.


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Most people only think in terms of racing results to determine whether or not they have won a bet. But these results can also be helpful when you are trying to pick winning horses. Learning how to read a race chart or result chart will provide valuable information on how well a horse performed in its most recent outing.

Racing results are more than just a bland listing of which horses ran first, second, or third. They also contain an important thing known as a running line. This running line breaks down what a horse did throughout all stages of a race. It will also show if the horse encountered any trouble during the race that may have prevented it from doing its best.

Running Lines in UK Horse Racing Results

What one should look for in the running lines of racing results depends on the handicapping elements that one is prone to consider. For example, if you are a bettor that tends to focus on the speed of horses in a race, you will probably want to look at the fractional times of a horse. How fast did it run in the first quarter of a mile? How fast in the second? How fast did it close in the stretch. This information may be very useful to you in the future when you are trying to choose winners.

Those who focus on racing trips and how a horse is affected by those will probably want to examine whether or not the horse was bothered by another animal in the race. For this information it is necessary to look beyond running lines and decipher the notes of the chart caller.

A chart caller has a very difficult job in horse racing. This individual is responsible for watching the race has it unfolds and keeping track of every horse’s progress in the race. Think this is easy? Consider that some horse races in the UK can feature 15 horses or more lined up in the starting gate. That is a lot of horses to watch.

Chart callers are given that name because they will usually provide a running commentary as the race is in progress which is spoken into a recording device. They can then go back after the race and use the recording to make a transcription of their notes. The notes of a chart caller can be very detailed. They will reveal which horses were in front at the beginning, middle, and end of a race. They will show which horses made a strong closing run. They will also show if a horse was cut off or impeded during its trip around the track.

Trips are very important in UK horse racing handicapping. They can sometime account for a poor performance by a horse that was expected to win with ease. They can also invalidate a performance by a horse that looks especially good on film. When the chart reveals that this horse was flattered by other events happening in the race, the wise bettor will know the performance was not all it was meant to be.

By learning how to interpret UK horse racing results, your chances of winning money at an online racebook will go up. You will be better prepared than many of your fellow bettors to make the right wagering choices. See our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

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