Where Is Horse Racing Most Popular?

Horse racing is a sport that is popular in many areas of the world. Still, many people want to know where is horse racing most popular? All countries where bettors and race fans can enjoy racing would like to lay claim to that title. Let’s take a look four horse racing regions that are available for betting at your favorite online racebook.

UK Horse Racing

We will begin by mentioning what many accept as the birthplace of thoroughbred horse racing. The UK is home to many famous racecourse such as Royal Ascot where royalty and commoners alike can be found in attendance on the biggest race days. The tradition of horse racing in the UK can be traced as far back as King James I and the development of racing venues such as Newmarket.


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This is the reason that horse racing as often been referred to as the sport of kings. When it emerged the event was mostly restricted to the elite of society. It was only in later years that the average citizen could attend races and make wagers, and it took even longer for commoners to own horses and race them.

Horse racing in the UK is still very popular today. It is considered to be a grand event that prompts racing fans to don their best clothes. It is not uncommon to catch a glimpse of a member of the Royal Family sitting in a special box as the horses race round the track. Betting is also very popular in the UK. Rows of bookmakers line the race apron to take bets from the spectators.

American Horse Racing

Where is horse racing most popular? There are plenty of people who would argue that the US has the most vibrant racing industry. With tracks in many states, race fans can find horse racing events to bet on in the US throughout the entire year. There is even a race track in New York that conducts a race meet in the harshest part of winter.

Yet, American horse racing has seen a decline in recent years. Some popular tracks like Hollywood Park have closed their doors, and legendary tracks like Beulah Park no longer have race meets. No one can pinpoint the specific reason for the declining interest, but there are several factors which may be the cause.

Medication use in American horse racing is rampant, and some of it is the use of illegal medications. This has given the sport a black eye, especially with animal welfare groups like PETA. The 2019 race meet at Santa Anita was marred by a rash of breakdowns in which horses had to be euthanized. This renewed calls for more stringent regulations and a national body to oversee horse racing.

It is also true that casino involvement with some race tracks has not had the intended effect of improving race purses and making racing better. On the contrary, many fans now seem content to attend the race track just to play the slot machines instead of watching racing. Attendance may also be down because there are now many online racebooks where individuals can bet from home on a computer or tablet.

Still, there are many tracks in the US that continue to do well. The Triple Crown series and Breeders’ Cup World Championships are as popular as ever.

Australian Horse Racing

Australia cannot be excluded when trying to answer the question, where is horse racing most popular? Horse racing is so popular in Australia that many businesses will close down when an important racing event like the Melbourne Cup is held. That race has been called the Race that Stops a Nation.

One reason that horse racing is so popular in Australia is the sheer number of horses and race tracks on the continent. Racing is a large part of the Australian economy. Thousands of people are employed in the racing industry. It is also true that live racing takes place in Australia every day except Christmas day.

Bettors also seem to favor horse racing in Australia because it is very competitive and offers large wagering pools. It is also one of the few areas where bettors can choose to bet with a bookie or bet with the tote board at an online racebook. Many handicappers prefer the parimutuel style of betting that is provided by the use of a tote board.

Finally, there are many great horse racing stories that come from Australia. Phar Lap is just one of many race horses that have etched themselves into Australian racing history. There are museums and other attractions on the continent where the lives of the great Australian horse champions are celebrated.

Hong Kong Horse Racing

The last area on our list has a strong claim to horse racing popularity. Hong Kong is a fun place for horse racing where millions of dollars are bet on a single day of racing. In fact, more money can be wagered on on day in Hong Kong than bettors wager in an entire year on American horse racing. This type of money creates many nice opportunities for horse handicappers.

What is even more impressive is that there are only two race tracks in Hong Kong. These are Sha Tin and Happy Valley. Both of them are major entertainment venues in addition to horse racing tracks. They include pubs, eating establishments, and other fine facilities. They also host football matches when the racing season is on hiatus.

The betting action is probably what makes the racing in Hong Kong so appealing to race fans. There have been handicappers who have won as much as HK$13 million on a single race. Hong Kong is the home of large racing syndicates that are able to pump millions of dollars into a single racing event. This means larger odds on horses and the chance to take home a larger piece of the pie.

Where is Horse Racing Most Popular? – The Answer Revealed!

Even though all of the above countries and regions have a right to claim that they are the most popular horse racing destination, EZ Horse Betting has discovered that the answer is none of the above! Where is horse racing most popular? Online!

That’s right. The popularity of online horse racebooks is growing like never before. People are joining in large numbers because they have found that they can bet from the comfort of home with a computer or tablet. It is even possible for bettors to make bets with Bitcoin at some racebooks.

Even better, you can get access to all of the areas we mentioned above at a single online racebooks. There is no need to travel around the globe to experience racing in the UK, Australia, the US, or Hong Kong. You can do it all from the palm of your hand. See our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!


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