Horse Racing Questions Everyone Is Embarrassed To Ask

When it comes to horse racing and horse racing betting there really are no stupid or bad questions. There are only horse racing questions everyone is embarrassed to ask. Most people don’t want others to know that they lack basic understanding of the sport. EZ Horse Betting is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of these embarrassing questions and […] Continue Reading

The Top Five Horse Racing Betting Superstitions

Gamblers are always thinking about superstitions. This includes handicappers who like to bet on horse racing at an online racebook. We can’t say for sure whether or not this form of luck has anything to do with winning a horse racing bet, but here is a list of the top five horse racing betting superstitions. How many have you used? […] Continue Reading

The Legend Behind The Lucky Horseshoe

You are probably familiar with the image of the horseshoe as a good luck symbol. In many homes today you can find a horseshoe on the wall or above the door. While the lucky horseshoe is not automatically associated with horse racing, there are those bettors who believe a horseshoe will bring them luck at an online racebook. The Story […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Betting Hacks

Any handicapper worth his or her salt will tell you that there is no shortcut to winning horse racing bets. It takes practice and skill in addition to discipline. That doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of some horse racing betting hacks. Some of the hacks that have been used for betting on horses are illegal. There is always […] Continue Reading

Do Race Horses Get Treated Well

There is much concern recently over the welfare of professional race horses. It has always been true that some organizations want to prohibit horse racing because they think thoroughbreds are treated poorly. Do race horses get treated well? We’re going to try and answer question. Animal Welfare and Horse Racing There are many organizations such as PETA, the People for […] Continue Reading

Vino Rosso Claims Victory In Tragic Breeders’ Cup Classic

Vino Rosso etched a notch in history with a win in the 2019 Breeders’ Cup Classic. Sadly, the race will not likely be remembered for Vino Rosso’s victory. Tragedy once more reared its head at Santa Anita as the track claimed the life of another horse, bringing the total number of horse deaths to an astounding 37 since December 2018. […] Continue Reading

The Preakness Stays At Pimlico In Baltimore

For months now there have been ongoing discussions about the Preakness Stakes. The Preakness is the second jewel of the Triple Crown and has always been held at Baltimore’s Pimlico Racecourse. There were those who sought to move the Preakness to another location, but now a tentative deal has been reached between the city of Baltimore and the owners of […] Continue Reading

2019 Breeders’ Cup World Championships Guide

Fall is always an exciting time for thoroughbred horse racing. This is the time for the Breeders’ Cup World Championships. This two day horse racing event features the best horses from all over the world. They compete in a number of events that are designed to crown the champions of horse racing. The marquee race of the event is the […] Continue Reading

Top 5 Reasons People Win At Horse Racing

Everyone wants to be a winner when betting horses for real money online. EZ Horse Betting knows many people that have won at horse racing, and all of them share a few things in common. We’ve put together a list of the top five reasons why people win at horse racing. Maybe you can find something in this list that […] Continue Reading

Top Five Reasons People Lose Money Betting On Horses

Betting on horses is a tough game for anyone. This includes the professional handicappers that do it for  living. The recreational bettor who makes a few bets a month at an online racebook also has to be smart to avoid losses. EZ Horse Betting has identified some common flaws among horse bettors that can dent the betting bankroll. Here are […] Continue Reading

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